Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Crabbing on the Barbican for Plymouth's seafood festival 2014

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On the 28th September Plymouth was holding its annual sea food festival on the Barbican. I love the events that Plymouth hold throughout the year. They are always well organised with lots to see and do. The kids especially enjoy them. The festival was held over the entire weekend but I decided to go and visit on the sunday. This was because our favourite cafe on the Barbican, The Boathouse, was holding a crabbing competition. I have never taken the children crabbing before so I was so excited to take them. 

Before we got to the competition we walked around the many gorgeous smelling food stalls and watched a cookery show from the main stage. Also there was a tall ship docked on the harbour called The Phoenix which the boys mistook for a pirate ship so were very excited to be able to walk around it and take hold of the wheel. 

The Crab competition started at around 1pm and cost £6 each which included a line, bait and bucket. To be honest I had never been crabbing before despite living in the West country for most of my life. It took me around 15 minutes to figure out how the line worked and how much bait to use to catch the crabs. Of course the first time we threw the lines in, the boys managed to tangle themselves up causing thirty minutes of me trying to untangle them. I came very close to chucking the crab lines in the bin but hooray I managed to free the lines for a second try at catching some crabs. An hour past, no crabs. Others had already filled up their buckets. I felt like a disappointment to my sons and Thomas had started getting frustrated and upset. The Boathouse cafe's fisherman was walking about and had noticed we were having some very bad luck. He figured out that our lines were not weighted enough to rest on the bottom of the sea, so our bait was floating. Crabs are crawlers not swimmers so they couldn't reach it. 

After the very helpful fisherman had fixed our lines, we caught our first crab!

Soon we had four crabs but that was nothing compared to what other families were getting. We were definitely not going to win in the heaviest bucket category. Other categories included prettiest crab and biggest crab. We were actually catching some massive crabs but these kept falling off the bait as I lifted them out of the water much to my frustration. Maybe we had a chance at prettiest. Our third crab was actually quite beautiful. It had emerald green symmetrical markings. When the time was up after two hours we had our buckets weighed. Of course we didn't win but we had so much fun which is all that matters. The other categories were not being judged for another hour after it had finished. We didn't wait to see who won but I found out from the local paper, the family sat next to us had won prettiest crab so well done to them. The boys were tired so we sent the crabs back to their homes in the sea and headed home. 

I also made a short video of the day if you would like to check it out below.

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Gemma, Alfie and Thomas xx


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