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Shouty Kid Review and Giveaway

I was recently sent two copies of the Shouty Kid books from Harper Collins publishers. We received book one which is called 'How Harry Riddles made a mega-amazing zombie movie' and book two which is called 'How Harry Riddles mega-massively broke the school'. Alfie and Thomas love these types of books so were very excited to read them. At the bottom of this post there is a giveaway where you could win a copy of book two so scroll down to check it out. 

The first book I want to talk about is the first in the series of Shouty kid books  'How Harry Riddles made a mega-amazing zombie movie'. The synopsis of the book: 

Hi there,
My name is Harry Riddles and I'm Ten years old, which my mum says is too young to have problems but she's wrong. My dad just lost his job, so i need money to make my mega-amazing zombie movie and save this family, but there's no way I'm selling my Xbox! So I've written to the queen, Harry styles and a bunch of other famous people, who might lend me a hand, or a tenner, but so far noone's written back.. If you have any bright ideas for making money I'd love to hear them. 
Good luck and have fun
Harry Riddles
P.s. If you wanna know how to get past level six on World of Zombies I can definitely help you out. 

The children have finished reading this book together. They found it very easy to read and were giggling away at certain parts. I definitely think it is more suitable for their age range of seven and over. I asked for Alfie's opinion and he said this: "I thought the book was funny and I liked that it had zombies and an Xbox. I enjoyed reading his letters to the celebrities and his emails from his dad. When he turned his sister into a zombie, that was funny. I wish I could play World of Zombies, it sounds like a fun game". 

I think Harry is a great character in this book but you can't help but feel sorry for him. It is very entertaining and simple for young children to read so I definitely recommend it. You can find it on Amazon for £5.99

We were also sent book two in the series 'How Harry Riddles Mega-Massively Broke the school' which has only just been released. The synopsis of the book:

Hi there,
So, my dad's been on at me to do more sport and less gambling, which is dumb cos I suck at sport but I'm totally awesome at gaming. Plus my new zombie game could make me a mega-millionaire! Anyway, I've joined the school football team but unless there's a miracle we'll get laughed off the pitch. Also my evil sister Charlotte is making life impossible. That's a lot of problems for one kid! But I've written to a bunch of sports stars who might help and also to some people who might take Charlotte off my hands. Here's hoping they can help me out.. Good luck and have fun.
Harry Riddles

This book has the same theme as the first book with laugh out loud letters, emails and texts to celebrities and his family.  If your children enjoy reading Tom Gates or Diary of a wimpy kid, they are going to love these books. Below are two letters within the books for you to read so you can get more of a feel  of the story:

Dear David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband
Hi there
Do you get nervous when you have to give a speech? I’m doing a talk at school about this awesome game I built called Zombie Show Jumping, but what if I forget my words or have to go to the toilet part way through? Has that ever happened to you? GBTM soon.
Good luck and have fun
Harry Riddles
Dear Prince George,
It kind of sucks when your mum has a new baby and everyone’s like, ‘Congratulations, isn’t it great?’ and you’re thinking, ‘Not really, I might have to share my bedroom.’ But maybe you don’t have that problem? Don’t worry that your Mum and Dad will like the new baby more than you – they probably won’t and anyway you still get to be King one day so Ha! I won’t get my own country but I am better than the twins at X-box!
Good luck and have fun
Harry Riddles
P. S. Say hi to the Queen from me.

Shouty Kid Book two is out now from Amazon for £6.99 but is also available for £4.99 for the Kindle.  

I also recommend visiting the shouty kid website,, as there is some additional material such as printable resources where children can write their own storyboards, speeches and charts. 

Would you like to win book two in the series? You can win a copy of Shouty Kid, How Harry Riddles Mega-Massively Broke the School, through the rafflecopter giveaway below. The competition is open to U.K entrants only.

Good Luck!

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