Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Trip to Plymouth to watch Horrible Histories Barmy Britain and our review.

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On Saturday 4th October we had tickets to see Horrible Histories Barmy Britain at the Plymouth Pavilions. I wasn't too sure if my two boys would enjoy it or be able to sit still for two hours. They have seen the TV program but it didn't really grab their attention as much as say Batman or Adventure time.

When we took our seats the boys were already hypnotised by the full screen on the stage. It had the title but with animations whizzing around the screen. The Ts where made of spitfires which would occasionally drop loud bombs, making the audience jump.

The first half of the show was extremely funny but of course gross. The actors talked about kings, plagues, flatulence and severed heads. So its probably not going to be for very young children or those who get offended by toilet humour. For the second half we were given giant yellow 3D glasses.

The screen behind the actors was now in 3D, so now that annoying spitfire seemed to be throwing its bombs at us. The kids loved it though. The first 3D scene of the second half was a reconstruction of the Sheffield Dam disaster. It ended with wood, stone, birds and even skulls flying out at us causing a couple of children to rip off their glasses. Alfie was one of these. He found it a little too scary and was asking to leave the theatre. I managed to persuade him to stay even if he did have to bury his head in my arm. When Queen Elizabeth died and suddenly burst back to life it made him a little worse, bless him.

My favourite part of the show was when Queen Victoria suddenly breaks into an amazing rap, followed by break dancing and shouting Respect! The actor who played her was amazing and definitely deserved the round of applause she got.

The show ends with a tribute to World war one. It started with a lesson/ sketch of how it was started and ended with a 3D waterfall of poppies in memory of the millions that died.

Overall, the show was great, hilarious and of course barmy. I would definitely recommend going to see it.

We made a little video of our day if you would like to check it out:

Gem, Alfie and Thomas xx


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