Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Christmas Pound shop haul 2014

The other day I popped into my local pound shop for some cleaning products and ended up getting a little bit distracted. They had already put out over four rows of Christmas stock. I tried to stop myself from buying anything but couldn't resist buying these little decorations.

Christmas decorations

1. Two little candle holders with blue ribbon and bells. These will look nice on the mantle piece amongst some holly. I loved how Pinterest they are.
2. Two sets of bunting and two sets of wooden tree decorations. I wanted the kids to make their own decorations this year so picked up this cute naivety scene bunting that they have to colour in and put together themselves. They will probably put this one up in their bedroom. The felt banner spells out 'Merry Christmas' and will look good strung up in my front window. I like the shabby chic look to this banner and really want to put it up now! 
When I saw the wooden tree decorations they immediately decided my colour themes this year. I normally go for purples and silvers throughout the house but I love the wooden and red look. I also really love the tartan which will match my blankets that i have draped on my sofas. 

3. This chalkboard advent calendar is another buy that I thought was very Pinterest worthy. I love it and its ideal for my diet as it doesn't come with chocolate. It comes with two large pieces of chalk which makes it a really good buy for £1.
Thomas picked out the little reindeer. It is one of those solar powered ones that when placed near light, it will start to dance side to side. They had lots of different types like snowmen and Santa which we will probably end up getting the next time we are in town.

4. Door wreaths. The pound shop had so many wreaths to choose from but I really liked this simple wooden star. The circle ones had too much tinsel on them for my liking, I like simple decorations at Christmas.

So this was my first Christmas haul of the year. I normally wait till the 1st December to touch anything Christmas but this year i don't know what has gotten into me. I blame the John Lewis advert for getting me into the spirit so early. Have you brought anything yet for christmas?

Gem x


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