Thursday, 6 November 2014

Fireworks night in Plymouth, 5th November 2014.


Yesterday in Britain it was Bonfire night. It is a celebration of the events of the 5th November 1605, when Guy Fawkes and his gang were arrested for placing explosives beneath the houses of parliament in London. The plot failed and we still celebrate their failure and arrest to this day. We light bonfires and fireworks and rejoin our families for the occasion.  

There were many displays happening in our area yesterday but we decided on our nearest city, Plymouth as its easier for us to get to. 

Plymouth had gone all out for their display this year. They laid on a massive fair, stage with lots of local bands, a giant bonfire and a fairly long firework display. It was amazing to look at all the different things but it was way too overcrowded for my liking. It seemed as though every single person in the West country had come to see the fireworks. It was hard work to get anywhere. The bonfire was unreachable through the crowds so I was disappointed not be able to show the children. I am sure they would have had their little bodies crushed if I attempted to reach the fences surrounding the fire. We stayed way back and watched from a distance while lighting a few sparklers. 

We won the cheetah at the fair

The firework display was very spectacular. It lasted for quite a while with a variety of colourful fireworks. Alfie wasn't impressed how ever. He sat below me with his hands over his ears and began to beg to go home. Tom was dancing around and loved all the big bangs. They are definitely two very different children personality wise. We left before the fireworks had finished to catch the last bus home but we had a very enjoyable evening and very much looking forward to the summer when Plymouth will be holding their annual fireworks competition. 

We made a little video of our evening including some of the display if you would like to see:

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