Monday, 1 December 2014

Blogmas Day 1: Opening the first door

Happy 1st of December! We adore the festive season and wanted to do something to mark the occasion. In the run up to the big day I have decided to join in with Blogmas. The idea of Blogmas is to blog every day in December and my posts will all be christmas themed. Also I really want to start posting to my youtube channel again but these videos will be uploaded on saturdays only. 

The 1st of December has always been an exciting time for my children as it meant finally opening that little number one door on their advent calendars that has taunted them since their mum brought them from the shops. This year I splashed out on a Star wars lego calendar which the boys are being very good at accepting they have to share. Alfie will be opening the even numbers and Tom the odd numbers. At £25 each, I definitely couldn't afford to buy one each. 

The boys have also received a grand total of six chocolate advent calendars from their dad, grandma and aunty. Very lucky children! I'm not too sure yet if I am going to allow them to eat all that chocolate in the mornings before school. I will probably make them save it in our sweet box that we keep for special treats. 

The 1st of December is also traditionally the day my family put up the christmas tree. However, knowing that monday will be extremely busy for us, we ended up decorating the house on Sunday. It took us the whole day to get the house all festive. This was probably because we were mostly dancing around and singing to all the christmas songs I was blasting from my phone. The boys favourite is definitely Santa clause is coming to town. Only 24 more days till he comes!

Gem x


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