Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Blogmas Day 2: Five Christmas presents for boys

Christmas is coming very fast this year in my opinion. It doesn't feel that long ago that we were basking on the beach in the summer sun shine. There are only a few more weeks left to grab those christmas presents, especially if you are like me and do all your shopping online. As I know about what young boys like, I thought I would share my gift guide with you in case you are struggling to buy for your sons, nephews, brothers, grandchildren etc. 

1. Lego Mine craft 

I haven't met a boy or even a man who doesn't love Minecraft. These sets have recently been released and flying off the shelves. It took me a while to find the house (bottom right)for my son's christmas present but I managed to track one down in my local Toy master. The prices range from £100 down to £20. 

2. Mip

My eldest, Alfie has been on about this robot for months now. Mip is a little robot who you can remember up to 100 commands and can also be controlled through your phone. What attracted Alfie most about this little robot is that he comes with a balancing tray so he has the ability to bring stuff over to you. These are fairly expensive at £80 but looks great fun. 

3. Skylanders Trap team

My children seemed to have a new skylanders set every christmas. Last year they received Skylanders swap force which was then the top toy to own. Now that is already old news. Skylanders have recently released their new game 'Trap team'. I was unsure about buying this as I am trying to entice them off the computer but after reading some reviews, I know they will love finding this under the Christmas tree. The sets come on all gaming platforms and cost around £40. 

4. Robo Fish

This a great gift for kids that have been asking for a pet but you are unsure if they are ready for the responsibility. No cleaning or feeding is needed, the fish just whizzes around the tank. This pirate version is from Hawkins bazaar and costs £20. 

5. Y-Fliker Air Scooter

Every time we go to Toys r us, my youngest son goes straight for this scooter. It requires the rider to sway side to side in order for it to move forward. This one is from Toys r us but with it being reduced for black friday, it is currently sold out. I managed to pick up a similar one from Amazon for £42.99. 

Hope these ideas helped. 
Gem x


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