Friday, 5 December 2014

Blogmas day 5: Christmas 1990

Firstly, I am very sorry to my sister for posting these beautiful photos of us as little six and seven year olds with messy bed heads. I really hope you don't mind. Also check out that amazing piece of technology behind you. I remember how addicted we were to paperboy.

I wanted to share these photos from Christmas 1990 because my sons are now the same age as what my sister and I were in these photos. That makes them kind of special and amazing to see how much my youngest, Thomas looks like me. Also how much my sister (right) looks like her daughter. 

I have fond memories of christmas when I was a child. Although my parents were struggling with money, they always gave us an amazing fun filled christmas. We always received near enough what we asked for and my parents cooked the best christmas dinner. While I was looking at the bottom photo, I noticed what looks white wine next to our plates. Im not too sure about this, I will have to check what it is with my dad but its most probably apple juice or appleade. 

Gem x


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  1. I have a Christmas photo of us as kids somewhere - I must dig it out! I remember those wall fires in your first photo - we had one of those. I also remember playing Paperboy ALOT!! Fab memories. Welcome to PoCoLo, thank you so much for linking and I hope to see you again xx


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