Monday, 8 December 2014

Blogmas day 8: Our wonky Christmas tree

My tree is looking a bit sad this year. Unfortunately he has managed to lose one of his legs in storage so he tilts to the right. I am currently on the look out for a really good deal on a real tree to replace this one but I am finding the garden centres far too over priced! I may just wait until after Christmas to buy a brand new plastic one in the sales. Anyway, I thought I would show some of my favourite decorations on our tree.

Every year we buy a new decoration for our tree. The faith decoration was 2013's new buy. We were going to the church quite regularly at the time and I wanted to use this decoration to teach the children about the true meaning of Christmas. The camper van and the hedgehog were brought this year. The hedgehog was chosen by my youngest because he is obsessed with hedgehogs and so we had to buy him. I saw the van in Debenhams and it had me written all over it. A VW camper van has always been my dream to own.

My favourite decoration is my father christmas bauble I brought last year from the boys visit to the grotto in Plymouth. This will be on our tree for many years and I can look back when they are teenagers at how cute they were when they were little. Next to it is a crystal rabbit I brought from the garden centre on saturday. This little rabbit has already been through the wars. In the car, the boys were fighting over who gets to look after him and it ended with his ears being broken off. It was only £2 so couldn't get angry. I managed to fix him today with some superglue and put him on his branch. 

This hummingbird is my most expensive decoration. It is from the Gisela Graham christmas collection and I immediately fell in love with his rainbow colours. The hummingbird is from the 2014 collection so will be available now if you would like one yourself.

Finally, our beautiful angel. She is fairly old at 10 but she has always took the main branch on our tree. I wish I could tell you where I brought her but I really cannot remember. She still has many years left in her so I hope she might one day take pride of place on top of my children's tree when they have their own families.

Gem x



  1. Sophi @ Simply Sophisticated Blog8 December 2014 at 15:33

    poor tree! gives it some charm though in my opinion!

  2. I love that cute little porcupine ornament! So adorable!

  3. I love the tree…even if it tilts!! Your ornaments are so sweet…I love when people use a huge-podge of ornaments! SO much meaning behind them!

  4. That hummingbird is gorgeous!


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