Monday, 29 December 2014

Sunday Diary: A walk on the beach when the sun is setting.

Sunday started off very slow and we were still sat in our pyjamas at 2pm. This has been us pretty much all this week except for Christmas Day which was extremely busy for us. Today we had to do something at least as it is our last day together for a week. The boys are off up north to have a second christmas with their Dad. I miss them terribly when they are away and it is so hard waving them off even if it is only seven days. I asked the boys what they wanted to do and they really wanted to take their scooters down to our local beach. We left at the perfect time as the sun was close to setting so made for some stunning views.

The children spent an hour searching through the rock pools for shells and hoped to find a crab but unfortunately had no luck. There was some people today collecting cockles along the shore and we tried to find some too. We collected a couple but left them at the beach because neither of us are brave enough to try them. 

I sat and watch the boys play for a while and enjoyed their excitement every time they found a strange shaped stone or shell. They soon joined me to watch the sunset and to take a few selfies too.

I love this photo I snapped above of the boys holding hands. It shows the special bold they have together. Alfie was helping Tom to walk over a few slippery parts of the beach. 

When the sun was finally disappearing over the hills and we could no longer stand the cold, we headed home for a final scooter ride along the coast path. We definitely worked off the mince pies today.

The boys cheeks were so rosy when we got home, so we made some hot chocolates to warm us up. It really was a perfect sunday afternoon. 

Gem x

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  1. Sounds like our days it's been so difficult to muster the energy to do anything :-p nice little beach which is so close perfect :-)

    1. It is ok to be lazy. We have all worked hard all year. Time for a rest before January. Happy new year to you.

  2. such a lovely time of day to go to the beach. we have been doing much the same on the sunny days. I love your photos especially the boys holding hands and your family selfie, I have a lot to learn on mastering a good selfie like this! Thank you for sharing a very happy afternoon of outdoor fun on Country Kids.

  3. wow Gemma this looks like a fantastic adventure! :-)

  4. Can I just say first that you have nice skin! Glows!

    We also went out to the beach and we enjoyed it immensely that we went back when the sun is setting and we saw something marvellous!

    Like this trip. That sunset is so perfect! #countrykids

  5. What gorgeous photos - love the sun on that first one!

  6. Sounds idyllic and what a great picture you snapped.

    Visiting from #countrykids

  7. What beautiful pictures - so lovely. Happy new year to you! Coming over from #Countrykids

  8. Hello Gemma, lovely to stumble across your blog and see your beautiful photos of Plymouth. We are also lucky enough to be on the coast and it's lovely for boys to have the space to play and explore. Off to follow you on IG now...


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