Saturday, 27 December 2014

Testing out the new Christmas scooter.


Today has been yet another quiet day, thats what the holidays are about aren't they? Another reason is the horrible weather we have been having. Unlike the north of the country who have had their white christmas, we have had very heavy wind and rain. Thomas was very lucky to receive a brand new sporty scooter from Santa this year and has been so desperate to try it out. We have been peaking outside today every ten minutes hoping for a break in the rain so we can get out and about on his new toy. 

About 3pm we noticed a bit of blue sky so off we went to the park for some scooter fun. 

Tom received a special speeder scooter from Amazon which he has been asking for since the summer. Every time we visit the city he always ask me to go to toys r us so he can play on them. He also got a top of the range helmet but he hated it. He found it very uncomfortable and being a protective mum I had forced him to wear it. Of course then he refused to go out. I let him get his own way in the end but told him he couldn't go fast on the new scooter. If any one has any recommendations on helmets, please let me know. 

Tom was very good to allow his brother to have a go on the new scooter. Alfie struggled at first to get the hang of it but soon picked it up and was speeding around the park.

 We had about half an hour of outdoor time in the end. The grey clouds came back very quickly which upset me because after three days of being stuck in the house, I was so desperate for the fresh air. We ended our park visit with a race which you can see the winner below.

Gem x

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  1. My son got his first ever scooter this Christmas and I'm looking forward to him trying it out in the park. We had a bit of snow here in Cheshire but all gone today. Great to see everyone's children out enjoying new scooters and bikes - that looks a great scooter that your son has.

  2. Amazing gifts to give! Looks like they had so much fun testing the scooters! I am sure they will never get tired of them/ Merry Christmas =) #countrykids

  3. What a wonderful scooter design, I rather fancy a go myself! From the video it looks like it goes fast too. A wonderful Christmas present to ensure hours of outdoor fun. I'm afraid I'm no help with the helmets, ours are rarely worn either. I hope you now have the crisp blue skies we have this week to enjoy that scooter to the full. thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.


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