Saturday, 6 December 2014

Visiting Father Christmas


This weekend we made a really exciting trip to see Father Christmas at our local garden centre, Endsleigh which is just outside Plymouth, Devon. We love it here because it is just so magical with the decorations and the very large Santa's grotto. My sister and her lovely family came too and we had such an amazing time.

In the entrance way, Endsleigh had created two christmassy scenes. The first one seemed to go down very well with the children because it was Frozen. 

The Christmas jumper parade with Elsa and Sven. 

The second scene I think was meant to be Santa's house. The girls really liked this one.

A very special treat we came across in the garden centre was seeing a couple of birds of prey. For a fee of £2.50 the children were able to hold the little one. I wouldn't normally pay this as it came to £10 for all of them to have ago but they rarely have the opportunity to do this.  

When we arrived at the grotto, we were met by the elves who gave the children badges. Sorry the picture is a little blurry but the badges have 'I've visited Father Christmas at Endsleigh 2014' printed on them. They were designed by a local primary school girl and was a sweet little extra for visiting.

The grotto comes in two parts. The first part is a room with a snowy wonderland theme which contained polar bears, Eskimos and deer. The children loved seeing all the little scenes.

At the end of the path we were met by a large wooden door. The elves told the children to knock as hard as they could until they heard someone call out. We opened the door and the children beamed when they saw who was behind the door. They sat beside Father Christmas while listening to his stories about Christmas day and the usual 'have you been good this year?' was asked. When they had finished talking we were allowed to take photos. This amazed me as usually we are not allowed because they want us to buy their over priced photos. Another reason why this grotto experience was awesome was the gift selection the children were offered. After leaving Father Christmas, they were taken into a room full of toys which they could choose. There were medium sized teddies, art kits, science experiments, dressing up kits and a selection of toy cars.

We really enjoyed our day at Endsleigh garden centre and I would definitely recommend visiting if you are in the area.


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  1. And as your dad has made it nice and safe for all too, though I didn't know about the birds of prey! They should have checked that with us first. Xxx

    1. Thanks dad. I hope I haven't got them into trouble with your company. The birds were lovely to see. X

  2. This looks like a really great Santa's Grotto experience, I love the two scenes at the front of the garden centre. I love that they all went in their Christmas jumpers as well, They've really become all the rage this year! It's great that the kids got the opportunity to hold a bird of prey too, it must've been really exciting for them. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.


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