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A Good Friday Easter Egg Hunt at Antony House

On the morning of Good Friday, I was searching the Internet for something fun to do with the children. I came across the National trust website which said that Cadbury's are hosting an Easter Egg trail at its many properties around the country. This was exciting news for us as we are very lucky to have a National Trust property, Antony House, right on our doorstep. 

After lunch we headed up to the House to collect our trail journals and pencils from the reception. The children were expecting the trail to contain hidden chocolate eggs but I don't think they minded that our task was to find pictures with clues and questions. The journal that we were given tells us to find each golden egg, copy the pattern on to the sheet, or stamp or punch the card with the special shapes. There are also bonus questions which we could answer in the boxes under each number. Once we had found the eggs, we had to crack a code using our findings to make a special answer. Alfie, as you can see below, was very eager to get started. 

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Antony house, cadbury, national trust, photography

The boys were constantly racing to the next egg, leaving me behind. I guess they may have been a little irritated by me though because I was just fascinated by the beautiful garden. Even though I grew up in this town, I had never actually been into the Antony House and gardens. Alice in Wonderland was filmed here and you really feel like you are at the garden party at the beginning of the film. I didn't take many photos but below you can see the hedge rows Alice runs into when she sees the white rabbit. 

antony house, alice in wonderland, easter, hunt

 Half way through the trail, we stopped for a little rest next to this amazing wooden caterpillar below. The gardens had lots of these little creatures, I especially loved the wooden butterflies in the trees. Tom said he felt like he was in Wonderland which really made my heart melt but I agree, the gardens are very magical. 

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antony house, easter egg, easter trail, cadbury,

It took as about an hour in total to find all the eggs which to be honest, wasn't very difficult to find thanks to the amount of people taking part today. The boys knew, where there was a group of people, there was an egg. We did use the helpful clues on some of them though. The one above took us a little bit of time because the curved seat was slightly hidden behind some tall hedges. 

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At the end of the trail we cracked the code with our findings and the boys rushed off to hand in their books to receive their prize. They received a chocolate egg head for their hard work which they were very happy with. Other than the trail, I also paid for the boys to take part in some Easter crafts. They are very arty children so I knew they would enjoy this. We had the option to make either a rabbit or a chick egg holder, perfect for our prizes. The boys both decided to make rabbits which as you can see below, they did a very good job of them. 

antony house, alice in wonderland,

 Did anyone else visit a National trust property for the Cadbury's Easter trail?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. We'd been planning to go to Waddesdon today, but the weather was rubbish, so the plan is Sunday. Fingers crossed because N does love NT's egg trails.

  2. I love all the clues they make for their Easter Egg hunt, every year I think of making cluses here at Coombe Mill but my kids always insist on a straight forward egg hunt, so that is what we have lined up again this year. One day I'm going to make clues like this though, it is just hard to make it challenging with so many taking part at once. We also made bunnies today in our craft hour and Easter bonnets, lovely to combine some running around with crafting. Looks like the National Trust have a fun weekend planned for all who visit. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  3. Paris Anderson4 April 2015 at 04:24

    How awesome! I love all the clues for the Easter Egg hunt! Plus such a beautiful setting...I would have been wanting to wander the gardens too!

  4. Brilliant! We did NT egg hunts a couple of times when we were in the UK, lots of fun :) I'll be hoping it stays dry tomorrow morning so that I can do one for the kids in our garden! #CountryKids

  5. Little Lilypad Co4 April 2015 at 17:07

    Oh wow, this looks great fun. I am off to see if there are any close to us but I fear I may be a bit late now!! It will be in the garden again this year I suspect.

  6. North East Family fun4 April 2015 at 18:33

    I love the caterpillar! You can't beat a National trust egg hunt - we try a new one every year. On Monday it is the turn of Washington Old Hall - we've never been before so I hope it's as good as yours #countrykids

  7. We did something like this today and my son loves it and wants to do it again! What a lovely day! #countrykids

  8. Lisa from @intotheglade5 April 2015 at 21:13

    We have been doing them for years and did the one at Erdigg in North Wales on Good Friday- great fun!

  9. We love National Trust properties and they do awesome egg hunts! Looks like you all had a fab time! Can't believe Alice in Wonderland was filmed there! Cool! #Pointshoot

  10. Heidi Himmethree8 April 2015 at 21:58

    A great collection of photos. Cool Batman costume!

  11. you baby me mummy9 April 2015 at 23:35

    Wonderful photos, what a great hunt. Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x


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