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My list of blog post ideas

Recently I have been struck down with writers block. My brain is just fried recently with extra responsibilities at work, children being on their Easter holidays and just generally feeling exhausted. I read back on a previous post I wrote 'How to stay motivated to blog when you just want to give up' because I was actually feeling the urge to give up this week. It is stressful trying to compete with the amazingly talented bloggers out there and I just couldn't think of anything to write about. I saw one paragraph I wrote in the motivational post which listed a few ideas of what posts to write if you are suffering from 'blank screen syndrome'. It gave me the light bulb moment of writing a post, expanding these ideas for me to look back on if I am stuck again. Hopefully it will help you guys too so feel free to use them if needed. 


1. Review a product
To post a review on your blog it doesn't have to have been sent to you from the company. If you recently purchased a product that you think your readers would love, tell them about it. Please note that it is good practise to include a disclaimer stating that you brought the product yourself. If you like to review products that have been sent to you, keep a good eye on the #prrequest on twitter. There are always PRs on there asking for bloggers help. 

2. A list of facts about us
Create a list of details your readers might not know about you and your family. Make them fun facts such as: -We love to build forts on a Sunday - We are addicted to strawberry laces - My children are planning to build a zoo in the back garden of the local millionaires house when they are older. 

3. My favourite blog posts
If you have read something written by another blogger that has inspired you, made you cry or made you laugh, how about writing a post about how much you enjoyed it. Also you could write a reply/response about their post and talk about how the post made you feel. I would ask them permission first before sharing their post on your blog and make sure you include links to their post. 

4. Readers questions
One of my favourite videos to watch on you tube are Q&As. I think these are very interesting to watch and have been considering joining in in blog form. If you want to do this too then you can ask your readers through your social media to send you questions. Compile all the questions together into a blog post and include your answers. Your readers would enjoy the interaction with you and should generate a good amount of page views. Examples of questions they could ask: What apps do you use to edit your photos? Why did you start blogging? What does your typical day involve? When you have written your Q&A it would be a great idea to add the post to your about section for everyone to find easily. 

5. Monthly favourites
At the end of each month you could write about all the products you and your family have been loving. These can be favourite foods, favourite outfits, new toys, beauty products, favourite books etc. You can also do a monthly empties which will be products you have been loving so much that you used it all up. 

6.  Make something from Pinterest 
If like me you are a Pinterest addict, pick out a project you love the idea of and give it a try. Document your experience using photos and writing. 

7.  Blogging goals
I think it is good to have a set list of goals you want your blog to achieve each month. It motivates you to improve your blog so that you can get it where you want it to go. Some bloggers keep their goals a secret but I think these posts make a good read. They are also great to check back on to see how you are doing. 

8. Wish lists
I love to share all the products I have on my wish list especially when it comes to changing my wardrobe to match the seasons. I use Polyvore to compile my favourite outfits but you can also use most photo editing sites to compile your list for a blog post. 

9. In the news
If you have heard a recent news story or seen a TV programme that has gotten into your head, write a response post. Chances are other people would have seen or heard the same as you so will love to read about your opinions. 

10. How to
What do you know how to do really well? Maybe you're an expert at baking, crafting, interior design or  you are amazing at creating interesting hairstyles, there is something that you know how to do and your readers would love it if you share your expertise with them. These posts can be time consuming but they will be amongst your most popular posts. 

11. Weekly Instagram roundup
These are quick, easy, and fun to write up. If you love to post on Instagram, chances are you have compiled a great representation of your week. Compile all your daily photos into a collage, I use Picmonkey, and add a little paragraph underneath explaining each photo. 

12. Change your usual post subject for the day
Don't think you can only write blog posts which match the theme of your blog. If you only write about family/parenting then how about branching into beauty and fashion blogging for just one day. Or if you only write about fashion how about writing a lifestyle post about a day out you have had recently. Stepping out of your comfort zone can actually be quite fun. 

13. Improve and re post old posts using the title 'From the archives'
If you have been blogging for over a year, chances are you have a good collection of blog posts in your archives that your newer readers may not have seen. Don't think you can't reuse these posts, just update if needed and post it again but use the title 'From the archives'. There is no shame in this and I have seen people do it all the time. 

14. Daily routine
I love reading bloggers 'A day in the life' posts and I am also a big fan of daily vloggers. It is really interesting to me to see how other people spend their time and how they live their lives. It's nosey but that is what people love. I think that's why You-tubers are so popular these days. You don't have to make videos but how about compiling a list of your daily routine. For example, what you do first thing in the morning, what you have for lunch, how you spend your evenings and finally your bedtime routine. 

Do you keep a list of blog post ideas to hand for those days when you might suffer with writer's block?


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  1. Some great ideas! Especially like number 10 a lot.
    I'll have to save this for future use. :)

    1. Thanks. I like 10 too. I don't know how to do many things but I love reading them.

  2. Great post with some really good ideas and lots of info.

    1. Thanks :)

  3. Great Ideas! I used your idea #7 in to my recent blog post
    if you want to check out my post:

    1. I have just been to check it out and love the items you pick out. The blue jacket is gorgeous.

  4. Some fab ideas here, thank you for sharing!

    I often think up an idea for a blog post when I'm out and about so I use my notes app on my iPhone to list my ideas - it seems to be dwindling though so this post has come in handy :)


    1. Thanks Kate. I have a little note book. Ideas only come to me when I'm outside too. I'm glad the post has come in handy for you.

  5. really fab ideas! i sometime have days where i can think of a thing to write and some days ill have so many ideas i don't know what to do with them all! x

  6. Some fab ideas here - I try and keep a list of post ideas for the days when I'm feeling uninspired - there's usually something there that can prompt me to start writing. Thanks for sharing some great ideas for when writer's block hits :-)

  7. These are fabulous ideas, and I constantly struggle to write! I love the research process and the social media but when I sit down to actually write, I get stuck often or keep questioning if it is good enough, plus I feel like I can think of ideas, these are fab thanks. I really like the pinterest idea, of trying and then documenting how it goes, I also like the idea of updating one of my archived posts.
    Kat #TheList

  8. Rachael Robinson3 April 2015 at 16:36

    I absolutely love this blog post! I especialy love the idea of doing a readers Q&A - that sounds like so much fun! I love it when vloggers do these videos, so it should be a lot of fun. I am just not sure I have a big enough audience just yet. Monthly faves is a must do, I love this one and its a guaranteed blog post at the end of the month. I used to do the weekly instagram pictures, I am not sure why I stopped really. I really like the idea of branching out one day a week - that sounds really interesting. I'm going to jot a few of these ideas down for the future! Great post! Ray xx @ #TheList

  9. Laura Powell-Corbett4 April 2015 at 05:54

    Some wonderful ideas on there! Definitely one to pin :)

    My other thing is that I have set days where I do set things, so I have a meal plan day, a recipe day and a travel day. It helps me feel more structured!!!!! #TheList

  10. Great post. Pinning for future reference! x

  11. Sarah Christie4 April 2015 at 11:48

    Great ideas, I too, have days like this. I love some of your ideas like the monthly round up and I love doing wish lists x

  12. This was really helpful, thanks! I sometimes hit a bit of a blogging slump and don't post for a while until I feel more like writing and have some better ideas. This post will hopefully help me have some back-ups!

  13. Mrs Puddleducky7 April 2015 at 22:44

    Great tips here, glad I found your post, will definitely be putting some of these in to practice! Thank! X

  14. This is a really fab set of prompts Gemma!! One for the bookmark for sure :) I love that quote too - I scribbled it into the front of my notebook about 2 years ago and only today spotted it again and thought, oh yeah!

    Thanks for linking up lovely xx #Thelist

  15. thanks for the tips :)

  16. Really helpful post! Deffintley getting saved to my favourites.

    Beth |


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