Friday, 15 May 2015

Five things that have made me happy this week

Its Friday evening and I am sat at my laptop after a rather eventful day. Lots of things went wrong today from messing up an order at work, tripping down the stairs, leaving my card in the machine in Wilkinson's and finally braking my finger in Sainsbury's after stopping my youngest son from falling into the wine bottles. I gave my last five pound note to a charity collector for the Nepal earth quake to try and earn back some good karma/luck but no I got home to a find a leaky washing machine. I decided to remain positive and to cheer myself up I want to write down five things that make me happy.   I am even thinking of making this a weekly feature to keep my mind positive. What do you think? 


My children

They can be really hard work sometimes but they are my best friends. They make me laugh, they make me so proud each day and they are extremely caring/loving. I feel so blessed right now to have such amazing children in my life. This week I have been extra proud as Alfie is excelling at school with two certificates for good work and reading. Thomas sang at a public concert in Plymouth which is a massive achievement for him as he has never been one to stand on a stage. Also they have been making me smile this week by finally doing as they are told by making their beds each morning and placing their breakfast dishes in the sink. 

My house

I have finally managed to get round to doing a massive spring clean and a spot of DIY around my house. The clutter was giving me anxiety and so I really needed to clear out all the junk we no longer needed. I have started to take more pride in our tiny but cosy home and even treated myself to a couple of new home ware accessories to brighten the place up a little bit. Our house is now looking clean, spacious and relaxing. I am so proud of myself for everything I have achieved this week. 

Cooking with the children

Thomas recently started cooking club at school and as he loves it so much, I decided this week to get the boys involved with cooking our evening meal. Our favourite and the most simple recipe has been homemade pizzas. The boys get to choose their own toppings and they have that sense of achievement that they made something so yummy. Cooking together has brought us closer together and we have been laughing, sharing, and I definitely hope it is creating some nice memories for the children. 


I have finally given myself a kick up the back side and restarted my Insanity workouts. I was really down about the amount of weight I had started to put on and no longer being able to fit into my favourite tea dress. It was time I stopped saying 'I'll do it tomorrow' and start getting fit for the summer. Losing weight was not the only reason I started, I wanted to workout to try and kick this low motivation I have been feeling towards life and this blog. Even though the Insanity workouts are extremely tough and have made walking up stairs impossible, I have definitely noticed a change in my mood. I have finally started feeling more positive, confident and ready to start achieving my next  set of goals. 


I know my pictures are not high quality or professional but that doesn't matter to me. I absolutely love collecting our memories and sharing them with you guys. My dad very kindly brought me a new, better quality camera and a very informative book about photography so I have been having lots of fun this week testing it out, learning about exposure, macros and shutter speeds. Focusing on this new hobby has really made me focus my mind away from the negatives in my life. 

Those are my five things that make me happy this week. I really love this new me. I no longer want to live in that cloud of negativity anymore. What things have made you happy this week?



  1. I feel the same way! All these things make us happy too- It's interesting that they are all inter-related as well. We love family and photography and taking pictures of family. I bet your pleased about the Spring clean? A decluttered home makes a more relaxes atmosphere. That's for sure. Angela x


    Angela recently posted " My adrenal crisis and the truth about how I feel

  2. Amy Paternoster16 May 2015 at 18:49

    Being happy is so important and I love reading posts like this as they are so uplifting.
    I use photography to make me as happy and I am so fortunate to have such an amazing family to make even the rainy days, happy ones.
    Keep smiling!
    Amy @ Blonde Amy x

  3. Hannah Brooker19 May 2015 at 22:11

    Always love reading a happy post this is even better because you have pulled it from a rough day and that can be hard! Family are so precious to me too I love how you wrote about your children. Having a hobby like photography is so good isn't it? I like to read. Must exercise for all the same reasons as you may look into that workout too sounds intense but worth it x


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