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Brave adventures with the Brave Bones Club

The Brave Bones Club is a new initiative from Cheesestrings and Yollies which aims to encourage children to take part in safe but brave adventures. They feel that that the more adventurously kids play, the stronger and more confident they grow up. Celebrity adventurer Steve Backshall is also part of the project and is currently offering some of you guys to join him on four days of mini adventures. You can see more information about this in the video below:

Unfortunately the competition ended on the 1st June, but I was asked by the Brave bones competition  to share the video with you guys and please check out their partners First news or Fun Kids Live. Also  the adventures the competition winners will go on in the summer will be aired on Tv so please look out for that too. 

The Brave bones club asked us to go on our very own mini adventure and provided us with a few things we might need while exploring the outdoors. 

We received a backpack, binoculars, a magnifying glass, a water bottle, a bug trap and a Sainsburys voucher for snacks. 

Behind our street is a small woodland with a tiny stream running through it. We knew this was a perfect spot to go exploring, especially for the Brave bones club as it takes a little bit of confidence to get through the over grown nettles, past the bees and along the narrow, muddy paths. 

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As you can see above, the path through the woods is very overgrown at the moment. Our local council has been slacking on the maintenance this year. The children being so small, were swallowed up by the plants and had to fight their way through. It was slightly dangerous too as the left hand side of the path has a very steep drop down to the stream.

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When we finally made it out of the woods, Thomas spotted a large group of seagulls up to no good again. He used his binoculars from the backpack to watch them as they fought over a tiny scrap of food. Thomas then pulled out his binoculars again when we reached a stream. There was wasps everywhere and so he was watching for them to move before using the stepping stones to reach the next path. 

While out walking we were desperately searching for some bugs to study using our bug hunter insect pooter and magnifying glass. Except for the wasps and bees, all the bugs seem to be hiding today. We did come across a snail which of cause we couldn't suck up into the pooter but instead we studied all of his interesting features using the magnifying glass. 

As an award for managing to navigate through the woods without any dramas, the boys were able to take a rest at the park where they could take a drink from their water bottle. 

And then I rewarded them with something I never normally let them do, a splash about in the stream. They were completely wet and muddy walking home but seeing their laughter was worth it. They had such a great time. 

Have you been on any adventures lately? Don't forgot to check out The Brave bones club where there are lots of fun challenges to try. 


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  1. Mommy's Little Princesses2 June 2015 at 14:27

    Looks like a fantastic adventure was had by all. Xx

  2. Awww would love to join this! Too late for us. I love your adventures. I have envy as my son doesnt have a team mate/sibling when we are doing our woodland walks. #pointshoot

  3. What an amazing adventure! Well jealous. Looks great. Our adventures took us to York last week but would trade anyday for a forest adventure :)

  4. you baby me mummy4 June 2015 at 23:13

    Such a great initiative. These pictures are fab and what a wonderful day! Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x

  5. Caroline Robinson5 June 2015 at 06:49

    Looks like great fun, we had a Brave Bones Adventure too.

  6. I love the idea of the Brave Bones Club and what a perfect little kit to have out, I would love to get my hands on some bits like this to leave around at Coombe Mill, we have the perfect places for little ones to explore. Looks like the boys knew just what to do with their packs and gave them all a good test! thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  7. Ashley Beolens - When the Dust Settles9 June 2015 at 14:27

    It's great to see kids encouraged out into nature, it is a huge passion of mine (and all the family really). I'd not heard of the brave bones club before, so now off to investigate.

  8. Great exploring. Nothing like being able to splash through a stream. I remember my bug boxing days - great fun and so good to see children out exploring nature.

  9. Lovely trip exploring by the looks of it! Lovely initiative to get kids exploring the great outdoors. Can't beat pooter time...remember all the kids at school trying to get each other to suck the bugs up the wrong way in those at school - nice! #countrykids


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