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Fascinating Facts about Relationships that Everyone Should Know

Building romantic relationships is not as easy as it might seem. In order for your love to be truly strong, you should know some scientific-based facts that will help you in building a relationship. So, we would like to bring to your attention the following list of interesting facts about relationships that everyone should know about!

The smaller the age gap between partners, the less likely they are to divorce

A study of 3,000 Americans who have ever been married shows that age differences are correlated with conflicts in marriage. This is reported by Megan Garber in The Atlantic: “A one-year age difference between partners increases the likelihood of divorce by 3 percent (compared to peers); however, a 5-year difference increases this probability to 18%. And a 10-year age difference makes divorce 39 percent more likely.”

Resentment quickly accumulates in couples who don't do household chores together

According to numerous sociological surveys, more than 60% of Americans consider that sharing household chores is critical to a successful marriage. Moreover, this idea is confirmed by about 80% of girls from Ukraine, so take this into account if you start Ukrainian dating . Paula Szuchman, the co-author of the book “It's Not You, It's the Dishes”, recommends a system in which each partner specializes in the household chores they are best at. Paula writes “If you are really better at washing dishes than, for example, doing shopping, then that should be your responsibility. It will take you less time, and your partner will get around to help you with shopping. Ultimately, you will save a lot of time and effort together."

If you are economically dependent on your partner, you are more likely to cheat on them

Contrary to popular belief, cheating is not necessarily more common among high- income couples. The connection between income and infidelity is more subtle. Research from the University of Connecticut suggests that a person who is economically dependent on their spouse is more likely to be unfaithful – and this is especially true for a man who relies on a woman's finances. Interestingly, when women are breadwinners, they are less likely to cheat on beloved men.

We believe that all people engage in cheating, except our own partner

In accordance with a study conducted in the year 2015 at the University of Calgary, heterosexual undergraduates believed that the average representative of the opposite sex had a 40% chance of cheating on their loved one. However, the same people stated that the percentage point for their own partner was only 5%. How likely were the study participants willing to cheat on their beloved person? 9%.

Couples who are grateful to each other are more likely to stay together for a long time

As reported by Erin Brodwin from the Business Insider, gratitude can become the key to a strong relationship. In one study, the staff at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill asked couples in love to keep personal diaries and write down everything that their partner did for them and how it made them feel. As it turned out, couples who were more grateful to each other, managed to make their love significantly stronger.

Ultimately, you realize that you are two different people

Once you start living under the same roof with your loved one, you may realize that your priorities and boundaries are somewhat different – for example, understanding what can be called a mess in the house. “People have to come to terms with the fact that we are really different,” says Allyn Bader, a marriage therapist. “You are not the person I took you for or whom I would like to see. We have different feelings, ideas, and interests." It's a challenging but necessary evolution to build a happy romantic relationship.

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