Friday, 20 March 2015

A letter to my boys regarding Minecraft

Dear Alfie and Thomas,

I wanted to write this letter about your love of Minecraft. It is all you ever want to do and when you are not playing, you are watching the Minecraft experts Dan Tdm and Stampy Cat on Youtube. I love watching how increasingly passionate you are becoming lately even if it's over a game. Watching Dan's and Stampy's videos and playing the game puts this excitable smile on your face which I love to see, I really don't want to take that away from you.

I also want to add that I am sorry if it seems like I am not interested in what you are saying when you  try to explain Minecraft to me. You get very excited about the you-tubers videos, shouting all these different minecraft terms at me. I try to take an interest but it's just that I do not understand Minecraft at all. I really want to make an effort to learn about that weird guy called Trayaurus who you love so much and what a diamond mine cart is. My brain shuts down and it all just goes over my head, I am sorry your Mum isn't as cool as you want me to be. However, I guess Minecraft gives you something to do while mummy catches up with the housework and cooks tea etc but I do feel we are losing out on valuable bonding time.

We have arguments at the moment don't we. I will only allow you one hour a day to watch youtube or to play on your Ps3/vita but that is still too much according to the experts. Another mum told me she only allows her child two hours gaming time on a weekend, so am I a bad mum for letting you play every day? I don't know what is the right way these days but I really don't think it does you any harm to play when I need to get chores done. I know you hate it when I tell you to turn off the computer causing you to storm upstairs for ten minutes sometimes but I am just trying to be a good mum. 

I also want to explain my worries about you playing this game. Apparently in Minecraft, you can run around killing all the animals and throw lava at the villagers, then watch them burn alive. Sounds a bit inappropriate for you, especially when I hear you shout 'burn that creeper' or 'shoot the squid in the head'.  As mummy is clueless what games are suitable for you, I had to check the age ratings. Minecraft is suitable for ages 7 and up, so I believe in the experts decision that it is suitable for you to play. I bet you are happy about that. I guess Minecraft is good for you in a way. It is educational as it teaches you logic, problem solving, goal setting, science, economics and literacy. Also, it's obviously great practise if you want to be an Architect when you are older.

I also want to address your sibling rivalry when it comes to playing Minecraft. There is only one screen but two of you. Yes we have the option for multiplayer but you both like to play alone. You hate it when I make you take turns and you protest when you have to pass the controller over. When you do finally accept it's no longer your turn, you will watch each other, shouting at them if they have stepped in lava or destroyed a house that you had built. I should really stop the fights by banning Minecraft but is it bad that mummy enjoys having that hour free to do what I want? I think you know this, especially as you know I struggle being a lone parent and crave just a little bit of time for myself. You know that I will always let you play, despite my threats when you fight. 

I am sorry I will not allow you anything more than an hour gaming time a day. I need time with you to talk about our days and to play outside together as a family. I need my after school cuddles. I wrote this letter because I just wanted you to know that I will moan about you playing and how you talk about Minecraft all the time but I secretly love watching you talk with so much passion and excitement. Also I will support your dream to be the next Stampy Cat, but just wait till you are 16 please. 

Love Mummy x

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  1. What a lovely post and you right why take away something that gives your boys so much pleasure and they have so much fun playing it. Imagine taking it away and they just mope around and sulk and yes you are entitled to an hour for yourself. Lovely blog btw

  2. What a gorgeous post Gemma! I felt myself saying ‘Ah Minecraft!’ I know this one all too well. Unfortunately my oldest boy has moved onto the likes of Grand Theft Auto but he’s almost 16 I think an hour a day is fine, I would never have been able to stick to that and put up with the moaning when they’re told to come off it. xx

  3. What a brilliant Letter.... and also one I can so fully sympathise with. My son has recently also become Minecraft mad, in a way I have encouraged it as he's really into trains and I wanted him to gain an extra focus. I do like him playing Minecraft as I actually think it's educational especially in a maths/creativity sense, I love lewis telling me "I'm going to build a new house mummy, 10 bricks long and 15 bricks wide" was one I had last night. I am also becoming very familiar with StampyLongnose, especially at the beginning of the youtube videos I've begun saying "hellloooooooo" back which tickles Lewis. His younger sister loves sitting with Lewis and watching, but she's too young yet to play and I've not encouraged her playing it at all yet which she's happy with.


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