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My bucket list for my 30's

In the lead up to my 30th birthday in May, I set myself the task of writing a bucket list. I felt like I only had 365 days to accomplish my to do list and I didn't want to waste valuable time. They say 'Time flies when you're having fun' and it did, time has flown past like a bullet and I have only accomplished a quarter of my list. I could sit here and beat myself up about it but there is no point in that. I am not going to die when the clock strikes twelve on my birthday, touch wood. Why can't I spend my first year as a 30 year old accomplishing more goals on my bucket list? They do say your thirties are the best years of your life.

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I have written a new list actually, an updated and more realistic version. I realised now that there is no way I will ever be brave enough to jump out of an aeroplane or be able to afford a trip to America this year. I need to set myself goals that I know I will be able to complete. 

Open a savings account for the future
I spent my 20s recklessly. I have never been able to save. When I had money in my account, I would be straight into the city to buy stuff my children and I didn't need. Some would say I have a shopping addiction. I have decided that my 30s should be when I take control of my finances especially as I should really start thinking about putting something away for my retirement. I have no idea about banking and yes I am embarrassed about that, but I think it is about time I learnt! I also need to start  paying more money into my debts to get them paid off as soon as possible which needs to be on the top of my list of priorities. 

Start taking care of myself
We get told constantly to take care of our health, to eat well, to exercise regularly and to sleep more. This advice has always just gone over my head because I just wanted to enjoy life and not worry about the consequences. However, I am now pretty conscious that I am carrying a little more weight than usual and I am aware the summer months, where people are going to see me in a swim suit, are fast approaching. Also I don't feel very fit and healthy inside. I get out of breath easily and have noticed I get sick more often. I will definitely be making an effort to get fit and to eat more vegetables this year. 

Spend more time with my family
I read a quote somewhere where it says that we are too old now to blame our parents for any of our own short comings. I spent my twenties blaming my mum for the way I was, for ruining my childhood and for never being there for me. Now I am approaching 30, I need to move on and forgive her. Hopefully we may even be able to reconnect. More importantly, I want to spend more time with the family that are there for me like my dad and sister. They are all very busy with work and their own families but I hope that I could arrange for us to spend more time together. Life is short, no one knows how long we have left together. 

Kick a bad habit
We all have our bad habits that we are trying to get over. Mine is (don't judge) smoking, nail biting and just generally being anti-social. Smoking is the most important one. I can make it look better by saying I only smoke 4-5 cigarettes a day, which are normally just to get myself through work, but the truth is that it doesn't matter if you only smoke one a day, it is still bad. I want to be fit and healthy for my children and I really want to be there to see my grandchildren. There is no cancer in the family but who knows, I might be the first one. I really should look after myself. 

Read more
I have heard that you can really improve your blog and your writing by reading. Lately I have been using the excuse that I am too busy to sit and read a novel but when I hit 30 I am going to make it my goal to read at least one to two books a month. 

Learn how to drive
Learning how to drive was on the top of my bucket list of things to do before I am 30. I have a month left of my twenties and have only passed my drivers theory test. There is no way I will pass my physical test in a month, especially as I haven't even started lessons yet. Truth is, I am afraid of driving. I lost a good friend to an accident and I see some really nasty crashes on the roads around Plymouth. I am petrified of hurting my children so I feel much safer on public transport. Deep down I feel like I will be writing this on my bucket list again when I hit 31 but I am going to put a lot of effort into passing before then. 

Take Risks 
Society tells us that by 30 we should have it all figured out. We should have a career, be married, be financially stable and have a mortgage. I don't think this is true and I see lots of people who haven't yet 'settled' and reached these social expectations. I had that in fact, the husband, the career and a lovely home but I lost it all and had to restart all over again. I am still recovering but I really want to enter my 30's with the idea that it is important to take risks. I need to live my life and not let it live me. I am strong enough now to go for my dreams and the life I want for my children, if I fail then I have the power to build it all back up again. The biggest risk I want to take though when I'm 30 is to move. I don't know how we could afford it, how the children would settle in a new school or if I would be able to find work but I want to scare myself and find a town where I feel happy.

Do you write bucket lists?

Gem x

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  1. Gosh we’re so similar, I have a lot of those things on my bucket list except mine has moved to before I’m 40 now as my 30s have whizzed by, I’ll be 35 soon (shush don’t tell anyone!) Completely agree with the taking risks thing too, I really think sometimes it’s best to throw caution to the wind. I definitely had a new found confidence when I hit my 30s and so you have lots to look forward too xx

    1. Thanks Amy. I thought you were a lot younger than 35. What is your secret? I think more people should take risks but I think we are just afraid of failure, like me. Dreams are not achievable if we don't scare ourselves and take a risk. I have heard from a lot of people that your 30s are the best years of your life so I am definitely not dreading them, I am quite excited.

  2. I love your list they are attainable. Hard but not impossible! Mne is just to kick a bad habit (I am addicted to sugar)! #pocolo

  3. slouchingtowardsthatcham.com10 April 2015 at 20:13

    It's a good list, Gemma - feels meaningful but realistic. I'm not one for bucket lists, but I do wish I'd done one for my 30s. (And, indeed, I wish I'd done one for when I turned 40 ...)

  4. you baby me mummy11 April 2015 at 08:22

    Oh this is a fab list Gemma, I hope you achieve it all and I am sure you will. I can't imagine not being able to drive, we live in the sticks and the public transport sucks. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  5. Gemma I did the same before my 30th back in November - I went crazy thinking I hadnt done much with my life and quickly needed to do loads of amazing things...I did okay but had a lot of trauma last year so that didnt help. What was good was "29 things before 29" which I wrote on my 29th and realised truely how amazing my life had been until then.
    I want to start a goal a month so I can do 12 new things a year with out a huge list! x

  6. Victoria Welton15 April 2015 at 23:05

    That is a great list - not too long either. I have to admit to never having done a bucket list - I change my mind far too much! Good luck with all of your goals. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  7. lifeatcookscabin.com26 April 2015 at 07:00

    I've just seen this and I love it! I'm 30 at the end of June and mine would look pretty similar x


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