Thursday, 12 March 2015

Through my child's eyes #3 // A children's photography link up

Welcome to week three of Through my child's eyes, a link up thought up by my eldest son Alfie when he started to show an interest in photography. He wanted me to put his photos on my blog and also he wanted to see if other children like to take photos too. The Linky will run from Thursday to Wednesday so plenty of time to link up your posts. Last week we had a three fantastic link ups. Thank you to Hodge Podge Days who posted a few photos her son took of their days out together. I especially liked his photo of a bin but it was made better when he had managed to capture a few dog walkers who photo bombed his shot. Sometimes the best photos are the accidental ones. Also, thank you to Teacup Toria for linking up her son's drawing of his mum dancing on the tables. Please go and check it out, it's really special. Finally, thank you to Not Just Another Mum for posting Spud's photo of a rose in a bottle which he thought was a strange place to display a flower. 

The linky
  • Please add my badge to your posts 
  • Link up your children's photos, with or without words is fine
  • It will run from Thursday 12am till Wednesday
  • Can be old or new and as many as you like
  • When you add your link, please make sure they lead to your posts and not your blog's homepage. It may be difficult for me to find. 
  • Share your link up on twitter using #throughmychildeyes and tag me @gemma_stevens so I know to retweet and comment on your post. 
  • Try and comment on other posts in the link up. 
  • Feel free to link your Instagram photos too
  • Enjoy working together

Thomas' Entry

This week I wanted to feature my youngest son's ability to capture amazing photos. I watch him when he has hold of my camera. He doesn't rush into snapping at what his sees, he will move around to find the perfect angle. Thomas will also shout at us if we are in the frame or if we are making too much noise. In this photo, Tom wanted to capture a seagull feasting on the bins on the left. However, the seagull flew off when he was about to take a photo as they tend to do. I love his photo though. The shadows from the sundial and the clouds above Smeaton's tower are just gorgeous. I am very proud of him even if he was upset that the seagull flew off. 

Now it's your turn. 
I look forward to seeing the photos your children have taken recently or if your child is too young to hold a camera, be creative and maybe take a photo from their eye levels, from their prams for example. Please help me make #throughmychildseyes a success by sharing the link up across your social media and by adding my badge to your posts. 

Through my child's eyes

An InLinkz Link-up



  1. I Like your blog very much! I found your posts very interesting! And also I like your beautiful photos! I know that blog requires much time, but keep doing it!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. LadyBug Home & Design12 March 2015 at 11:45

    Love this idea! I have started making my "Sunday photo" the last couple weeks from my daughter's photo collection because more interesting sometimes. She is only 3 but loves using the camera. Lots of shot of her feet. I have added link to my "Linky love" page and will blog about it again on Monday's "Adventure in Blogging". Will tell people if I come across other young photographers. Best wishes. Will stop by later in the week to check on more postings.


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