Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Our Day Out At The Plymouth Pirate Weekend

On Saturday we decided to head to Plymouth's annual pirate weekend which was located along Sutton harbour. The boys saw this as the perfect opportunity to dress up which is their most favourite thing to do as you may know if you have been following our previous posts. 
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When we arrived, we were overwhelmed with the amount of people who showed up to the event. There was so many families dressed up in their pirate gear and everyone was in good spirits, probably because we were blessed with gorgeous weather, a rarity when there is an event on. Looking at the photos I took, I feel quite disappointed in myself that I didn't snap at all the amazing things that were set up along the harbour and the amazing costumes people were wearing. I only took photos of the children so I am sorry about that. 

The first amazing photo I was so happy to get was a photo with the local cosplay star, Jonty Depp. As you can see above, he is a spitting image of Jack Sparrow. It was quite the achievement for me to get this photo because he was so popular amongst the crowd. Everywhere he went he had quite the following of people begging for a photo with him. He was amazing though as he was so good with the children, especially mine who needed a little nudge to go and stand with him. 

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After hanging out with Jonty, we had to rush off to my surprise for the children. I had booked them on to the Pirate adventure cruise with Plymouth Boat Trips. These photos show how excited they were.

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On the boat, they had decorated the deck with pirate flags, skeletons and the crew were all dressed up in their pirate costumes. We were handed treasure maps and a quiz sheet for the journey out to sea. Our task was to search the boat for clues to find where the treasure is hidden. The clues were all in the bar area and the children had to take the first letter of each answer which would eventually spell out the location of the treasure on the map. 

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We didn't get all the letters correct but we could figure out that the answer was The sea fort which is pictured below. The boat stopped just outside and a member of the crew came out to hand everyone a gold coin from their find which we could exchange for a free drink at the bar. The children decided they would rather keep the coin as we had a drink in our bag even though I think they lost it eventually as we left the boat. 

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After the fun and games we set sail for a cruise around the Plymouth sound which follows the Cornish and Devon coast line. We spotted many other sail boats out in the water and searched for our families houses as we past the village of Cawsand. 

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Although the Pirate adventure cruise was so much fun, we were very glad to step off the boat. It was freezing and the waves were quite choppy as we headed back to Plymouth. I definitely recommend taking a trip out with Plymouth boat cruises though. The views are amazing. 

Our next stop was to start getting some of the various competitions entered around the harbour. One was to take a selfie with Philip the prawn which was quite difficult to find. After asking the tourist centre, we eventually found him near one of the antique shops. We tried our best but unfortunately we didn't win this one which we are pretty gutted about. The prize was to win three tickets to be zoo keepers for the day at Dartmoor Zoo. Thomas and I have always said we will be zoo keepers one day so we would have loved to win. Next year we will try harder. 

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The other competition which we failed at was the fancy dress competition. We were slightly overwhelmed with the amount of people crowded in one spot trying to get their outfits judged, but with me having anxiety, I just couldn't cope with the pushing and shoving. There were some amazing costumes there and I definitely think the best family won, especially as they had brought their pet cat along too and dressed him up as a pirate.  

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Overall, the Pirates day was amazing and we had so much fun. The children wanted to return for the second day on Sunday but in the morning we were just too tired from all the walking about we did. We are so excited for next year and I think I may even dress up with the children. 


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  1. Mommy's Little Princesses19 May 2015 at 08:46

    It looks like such a fun packed and exciting day....Your pictures are lovely!xx

  2. OMG the water looks perfect in there! So bluish green. The water here is gray and brown =(

    Thanks for sharing! What a lovely piratey day =)


  3. Lisa from @intotheglade20 May 2015 at 08:20

    It looks like a great day and he is the spitting image of Jack Sparrow! The Pirate Boat is such a great idea x #PointShoot

  4. Amy @ The Tide That Left23 May 2015 at 20:00

    Looks like the boys had a great time. I think I mentioned on another post that we went later in the day and it looks like we missed all the fun. I'd love to do a Plymouth cruise. We move to London in July, but maybe we can fit one in before we go.


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