Monday, 17 November 2014

Sunday diary: Seagull spotting and drawing Penguins


Yesterday we left the house to go for our usual sunday walk through the fields and ended up jumping on a bus into Plymouth. This is quite a regular thing for us to just suddenly decide to change our plans at the very last minute.

On the ferry over we decided what we would like to do. Plymouth is such a large city with so much choice of entertainment. The boys decided they would really like to see the poppies laid on the Plymouth Hoe war memorial. They didn't get to see them on remembrance sunday as it was so busy, so it was nice to show them all the names of those you died and who laid the poppies down for them.

You can't see them in the picture but there was people swimming in the sea, crazy. 

After a lovely walk along the seafront, we headed to our favourite Plymouth hotspot, the aquarium. We come here what feels like every weekend. The aquarium offer a very good deal where you pay for your first visit and then you can visit again for free for one whole year. We really make sure we use this offer as much as we can. 

The main reason for visiting the aquarium today was because the boys really love their arts and crafts room. Every visit they have something different the children can make. This is a brilliant idea to entertain the children and provides a relaxing environment for us parents. It can get a bit stressful with the crowds around the tanks. 

Todays makes were based on Penguins which Tom especially was excited about. They had a choice to make a penguin box, Penguin hanging decorations and Penguin stencils. As you can see from the pictures below we chose to use the penguin stencils to draw them.

The arty afternoon of drawing our little Montys made us quite hungry and when you are at the barbican, you have to get fish and chips. They are definitely the best chips I have ever tasted but of course not the healthiest meals. We can allow ourselves to have a treat now and again. 

Outside the cafe sits these vintage telephone boxes which the boys demanded they had a picture by. This is probably because they saw them in the Harry Potter films.

The below pictures were taken by my eldest son Alfie. He is really following in my passion for photography and he is definitely much better than me. 

Hope you liked this post. How did you spend your sunday?

Gem x


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