Monday, 15 June 2015

Living arrows 24/52

This weeks portraits for Living arrows was taken over our weekend. The first set was taken in the House of Frasier cafe where they have a lovely little play corner with the most amazing wall paper. I need to know where to get some for the children's bedroom. Sunday, we spent the entire afternoon in the park playing football and running around playing 'It'. The children began to wrestle and tickle each other on the grass, they were laughing so much that I had to try and capture the moment. 

“You are the bows from your children as living arrows are sent forth" Kahlil Gibran
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Living Arrows


  1. Hayley @hayleyfromhome15 June 2015 at 14:46

    Love these photos, they look so chilled out and happy. That wallpaper is amazing too! xx #livingarrows

  2. Mommy's Little Princesses16 June 2015 at 09:16

    Fabulous pictures hon.xx

  3. I agree! Lovely wallpaper. They have some marvel superheroes at B&Q. I dont know if they have this design as well. #livingarrows

  4. Looks like they're having so much fun in that last photo! Great pictures #livingarrows

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! I love the wallpaper in the background! Going to Pin it!

    Angela from

  6. Sounds like a great weekend. Play area in HoF? Wow. That wallpaper is indeed really quite cool!

  7. That wallpaper is very cool. They look like they're having great fun mucking about. Lovely chilled out photos.

  8. hayley at shutterflies17 June 2015 at 22:58

    I LOOOOVE the wallpaper too and the almost identical poses! The last photo is hilarious! x

  9. What a fab backdrops for such fun pictures! #LivingArrows


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