Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Diary entry 1: Trying to relax.

Hello ✩

Today I have been thinking a lot about the content I am posting on my blog. I advertise it as our little family diary but haven't really been posting a lot of our day to day life. From today I am going to try and post little diary entries of our lives. I hope you like this idea.


At the moment my children are away for half term, spending time with their dad up north. I find this time extremely difficult especially being a single mum. It gets really lonely at home with no one to chat to in the evenings after work. I miss their cuddles, kisses, and laughter. I keep telling myself 'just a few more days to get through'. Yesterday and today have been the hardest though. I passed my drivers theory test yesterday which I was so nervous about. I couldn't be happy about it though. In fact i felt completely alone. Despite the thirty people who liked my status congratulating me, i wished for an actual human being, someone to be there to hug and talk about it. I ended up tearing up and eventually went to bed early. How silly of me. 

Today, I have been trying to be more positive about things. However, Today is my wedding anniversary. My husband and I split up in the early summer and I have been trying so hard to get over this awful experience. My family have been good not to mention what today is and I have been trying to occupy my self as best as I can. I guess its difficult to get over someone who you considered your soul mate. I worked extra hard at work today and afterwards popped to the shop to stock up on bad foods like chocolate, Pringles and wine. I think I deserve to ruin my diet a little bit. When I was home, I thought I would make the most of being alone. I took an afternoon bubble bath with my favourite Lush bath bomb, Twilight while blasting out the music my children dislike. This  evening, I have lit my favourite candles and curled up with my kitten to watch one of my all time favourite films Labyrinth. 

Gem x


  1. Virtual hug Gem xxx

    1. Thanks Dad ♡


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