Sunday, 26 October 2014

Visit to Looe, Cornwall


Yesterday was a very sad day for me. It was time to for my children to go stay with their dad for half term. He lives very far from me so it's extremely hard to let them go. I miss them terribly. To cheer me up my dad took me out for a day trip around one of my favourite Cornish towns, Looe.

Looe is a pretty seaside fishing town situated on the South coast of Cornwall. Its is famous for its cafes, shops, harbour and beaches. It has always been my favourite place to visit and have so many memories from my childhood here.

Firstly, we took a little stroll through Looe town. It has some little touristy type shops from galleries, souvenirs, clothing and jewellery. My favourites though are the little cafes and pasty shops. Oh course, we all had to have a Cornish pasty for lunch. They are the best ones I have ever tasted here. 

With our pasties in hand, we decided to go and sit on the beach to enjoy them.

From left: My step mum, step sister, my youngest sister, my dad. 

Greedy seagull

The beach was gorgeous. It was fairly clean other than a giant mound of seaweed in the centre but i suppose that's down to the recent weather. Poor Looe always gets a pretty nasty battering during the autumn/winter months. My younger sister Natalie, built sandcastles and splashed in the sea while the adults chatted about life. I could sit and watch the waves come in for hours. 

After the beach were we all still slightly peckish even after the pasties so we headed for another Cornish favourite, cream teas. These were all eaten up before i could manage to get a photo but were so lovely. 

Crabbers on the lake

We finished our lovely day in Looe at the park. It was a chance for my little sister to burn off the rest of her energy while us adults had a little relax on the bench before heading home.

If you ever get the chance to visit Looe, I would definitely recommend it. Also its neighbour Polperro which is equally as beautiful.

Gem x


  1. Lovely day lovely blog

  2. I would love to live closer to a beach, i am at least an hour and a half away from our closest one. Looks like you had a lovely day out x

    1. It was lovely thank you. x


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