Monday, 6 October 2014

Our visit to Paignton Zoo, Devon.

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So, last week we visited the amazing Paignton Zoo in South Devon. This was actually our second visit within a month. We love it there that much! We also frequently visit our nearby zoo Dartmoor wildlife park but the boys prefer Paignton due to the wider variety of Animals there. 

Entrance to the zoo is in my opinion, extremely good value for money. The zoo is so big that it fills up your entire day. Day tickets cost us £32 (Adult and two children) which included a discount for using the bus to get to the zoo. Normally I think it would have cost £38. 

After buying our tickets and avoiding the gift shop, we were first met by the zoos collection of exotic birds. The large pond was mainly taken up by the beautiful flamingos which the boys loved the most. Mainly because of their ability to stand on one leg. 

Next up was the reptile, tropics and desert house. Here we found pretty little birds, snakes, turtles/ tortoises, caiman, spiders, and lizards. This little friend below tried escaping and I'm not quite sure if they bite? He received lots of love from Alfie though.

On exiting the reptile house, we came across the zoos train. This is a highlight for the children. It takes you round the centre of the zoo in a big loop. You can just about catch sight of the gorilla enclosure, duck pond, and big cats. 

Out of all the animals at the zoo, the apes and monkeys are my favourite. I felt very lucky to catch the gorillas out playing as every time I have visited in the past, they are fast asleep in the ape house covered in shredded paper. The baboons on this day were also very active. They seemed to be fighting a lot and strangely walking around their mountain over and over again. Possibly morning exercise? 

Overall, It was another amazing day at Paignton. I am so desperate to become a zoo keeper one day. It would be a dream come true. 

We made a video of our day, with Alfie being such an amazing presenter. Its below if you would like to check it out. 

Thanks you for visiting our blog. 
Gem, Alfie , and Thomas. xx


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  1. Glad you are blogging again. You write beautifully.


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