Tuesday, 3 February 2015

What my children wore

On Sunday we headed into the city to have lunch and some fun in the park so we dressed smart but comfortable enough to be able to run around. I allowed them to dress themselves as I really want them to figure out their style and to be comfortable in what they are wearing. They both have started wanting what the other one has chosen so we get a few fights in the morning so it's looking like they are both going to have very similar styles. Although there is a year between them, they have started to act and look like twins. 

Tom chose to wear a #sailorpoint tee from H&M which definitely suited the nautical theme of Plymouth hoe which we visited that day. His jeans are by Next and his shoes and jumper are from H&M. Alfie is looking very sporty in a jumper which matched his crazy mood that day. It is from H&M and I just love the claw feature on the sleeve.  

Gem x



  1. Martyn - Inside Martyn's Thoughts3 February 2015 at 09:44

    Good post.
    They look great :-)

    My two are only 2 years apart but due to height etc they look like twins. They often want to dress the same. Which, like you, can cause a few argument's. I don't mind them dressing the same. I always thought it looked cute.

    I do love Alfie's jumper!! I'm more wondering of I could pull it off? ;-)

    1. Thanks Martyn. These two are only 18 months apart so similar age gap. Every new person we come across asks if they are twins. I love Alfie's jumper too. We should write to H&M and ask them to make adult sizes for us.

  2. They both look so cool!! The bear jumper is awesome.....


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