Thursday, 8 January 2015

My new link up: #readingtogether

So I have had this idea running through my head for a month now and I think its about time I finally started up my reading link up. My idea is to get parents to share their favourite books they have been reading with their children each week.

Every evening before bed, my children are encouraged to choose a book off their shelf and we read a few pages each. With our busy schedules of work, school, housework and play dates, it is the one time of day during the week (other than dinner time) that we spend together. Snuggling with a book lets the three of us slow down and recaptures that sweet, cuddly time we enjoyed when they were younger. For me the benefits of reading with your children encourages: 
  • A stronger relationship with each other
  • Academic excellence
  • Basic speech skills
  • Better communication skills
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Confidence with speaking in public 

What we have been reading

Todays choice of book was The dinosaur who lost his roar. It is one of many dinosaur based books we own which we brought from the last book fair held at school. It tells the story of Sid, a dinosaur who enjoys scaring his friends with his roar. However he loses his roar and comes across something scary. The book is part of the Usborne first reading series so contains larger font for the beginner readers. Tom and Alfie are probably too advanced in their reading stages for this book but it really is a lovely story. The illustrations are bold and tell the story well. Tom and I enjoyed shouting out Roar when it comes up on the page which annoyed Alfie a little and probably the neighbours too.  We had lots of fun reading this book together and look forward to our next story time tomorrow. 

It's your turn to link up

I would love to see your posts on your favourite books, what you have read with your children, any book reviews, what your children love to read or what you are looking forward to reading next. It doesn't have to contain writing, you can just post a photo of you reading together if you like. I want to run this link up from Thursday right through till the wednesday after and will pick out a few of my favourite posts in the next linky. When linking up, please take a minute to comment on a least one other post and feel free to grab my Reading Together button to add to the bottom of your posts. Also you can share your posts on twitter using #readingtogether and tag me @gemma_stevens so I can give you a retweet. 

Reading Together

I hope you have lots of fun reading with each other and I look forward to reading your posts.

Gem x



  1. This book sounds great :) such a lovely idea for a link up too. 'ive linked up an old post but will get more ready for next time

    1. Thank you for joining in. No worries about adding an old post, any will do. :)

  2. Brilliant! Idea i'll be sure to link up soon x

    1. Thank you. Will look forward to seeing your post. x

  3. We read every night too. Just added the most recent link, a new one will be done soon!

    1. Thank you. Lovely post, I have commented and look forward to reading your next one. :)


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