Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sunday Diary: Mount Edgcumbe christmas fayre


This weekend the annual Mount Edgcumbe Christmas fayre was being held. Literally everyone in the surrounding area looks forward to it. It is on both Saturday and Sunday and attracts thousands of people every year.  Mount Edgcumbe is a large country estate just outside Plymouth, Devon which we love to visit often. The gardens are gorgeous and make for a lovely Sunday walk.  

As it was so busy today, we had to park at the bottom of the hill which is a bit of an effort to walk up. My sister in particular found it difficult as she is eight months pregnant. She did so well today though. When we reached the house where the fayre was being held we had to pay a small entrance fee but was very reasonable at £3 considering the size of the fayre. The first room in the house was so stunning. It was the house's grand foyer which had the local ladies choir singing hymns on the stairway beside a beautiful Christmas tree. I am sorry if any of my photos below are slightly blurry. It was so so busy in the house and I was continually being knocked about by people trying to get past. 

The fayre was full of local craft stalls selling gorgeous christmassy gifts. We found ourselves heading more for the food stalls though which is typical of us. My sister and her mother in law brought a carrier bag full of exotic meats for their dinners. These were kangaroo steaks, Zebra sausages, wild boar and venison. I have tried these before and are actually really nice. My eyes were drawn mainly towards the condiment section. I love homemade sauces especially when they are made in Cornwall. 

Outside the main part of the fayre was some great stalls for the children to see. They had the local donkey sanctuary which the kids fell in love with and check out the donkey's cute costumes. They also had a lovely little naivety scene with baby Jesus in his crib, three wise men and their camels.

Thomas found a stall selling pheasant feathers and he begged me to buy one for him. We could have gone up to the local fields and found one there but it was only 20p.

In the main square they had a children's entertainer doing a balancing trick. Unfortunately by this time the rain started to come pouring down so we couldn't stick about to watch.

To avoid the rain we headed back into the main tent to watch some cooking shows. I find these very interesting and it was a great way to pick up some tips for some great dinners.

Also in the main tent was the all important hog roast. They didn't disappoint and we enjoyed every bite.

We found another tent in the back of the house full of more Christmas gifts. I could relax more in this part as there was less people than in the house. I tend to get too anxious in large crowds. There was some beautiful Christmas centre pieces and tree decorations here but way too expensive for my budget.

Back down the giant hill to the car park
Overall, we had a lovely but exhausting day at the Mount Edgcumbe Christmas fayre. We couldn't wait to get home and under our blankets as it was a very chilly day. We definitely feel a lot more in the Christmas spirit though. 

Gem x

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  1. What a great family day out, I bet this really got you in the Christmas spirit and the kids all enjoyed running about finding all the lovely items to buy. Some of the produce looks lovely and the donkeys Christmas outfits are brilliant! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.


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