Monday, 26 January 2015

One short day in the emerald city// Our amazing evening watching Wicked on tour

For Christmas, my sister very generously gave me and the boys tickets to see Wicked on tour at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth. I was over whelmed by this as I have been a fan of the show since I saw it in London three years ago. I was desperate to see it again and I really wanted the boys to see it too. 

The boys were the first to notice that the theatre was lit up in an emerald green and the words 'Wicked' shining above. I knew they were just as excited as me to see the show by their reaction to this and I knew they had so much more surprises in store. We arrived to the theatre an hour early so we had plenty of time to grab a quick bite to eat in the theatres cafe. I also went a bit crazy with the theatres merchandise store. Tom was treated to a cuddly Wicked dragon which was a bit pricey but its rare that we have the opportunity to come to the theatre, so I had to buy it for him. Alfie was treated to a Wicked  lanyard which he can use at school. I treated myself to the shows programme which features all the cast from the show and some very stunning photos from the show. 

Inside the theatre, the stage looked amazing. They had the same set design as the London show with the glittering map of the emerald city and of course the famous metal dragon looking out towards the audience. Thomas was fascinated but a little nervous of the dragon. I had to reassure him a few times that he wasn't real and that he wouldn't be breathing any fire onto the audience. 

At 7.30 the curtain rose and we jumped with excited. The first song is 'No one mourns the wicked' which has Glinda, played by Emily Tierney, enter the stage in a large flying metal bubble. When I saw her, I immediately started crying. I was so happy to be there seeing this truly amazing show. I cried again during the song 'the wizard and I', not a sad song at all, but its one of my favourites and Ashleigh Grey who plays the green witch Elphaba, was amazing. In fact the whole cast was amazing. We were hooked throughout the whole show, even the children who normally find it hard to sit still for five minutes let alone two hours forty-five minutes. Thomas had to be told to sit on his chair and quiet down though during the song 'Defying Gravity'. It is his favourite song and he just wanted to dance and sing along. However the people surrounding us where understandably annoyed. The performance of the song took our breath away, especially the ending where we see her fly and belt out the last lines. The audience went crazy. 

Overall, the show was fantastic from beginning to end. The acting, singing, the costumes and scenery were just amazing, nothing can compare to it. I cannot fault anything with the show and I am really desperate to go back and see it over and over again. If you live in Plymouth, I would definitely recommend going to see it, you won't regret it. It is in Plymouth until February 14th before moving onto Bristol so don't miss out. 

Have you seen Wicked before? What did you think of the show? 

Gem x


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  1. Martyn - Being Free29 January 2015 at 14:08

    I'd love to see this again!! It's a definite must for this year. Loved it the last time but reading this has made me want to see it again even more.


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