Monday, 5 January 2015


Last night I didn't know whether to dread or to be excited for Monday. It was going to be the first day back to my usual busy routine. I had spent the last week laying in bed until 10:30am, sometimes till lunch time. The children were away with their father and I had the week off work so it was a case of I can so I will. I knew it was going to be difficult to get up and out of the door today. 

My alarm went off at 7.30. I didn't sleep very well last night so I allowed myself ten minutes extra snooze time. Soon it was 8 a.m! If I was to make it to work on time, I would have exactly 40 minutes to get dressed and have breakfast. I made it with extra time for a hot chocolate but my hair was going to be a mess today. I just thought oh well, I'm sure everyone else is going to look a little tired today too. 
I made it to work on time and actually enjoyed having something to do. I got quite a lot done and time went pretty quick. I couldn't stop though when it was home time. Today was the day I was getting my little boys back and so had to rush off into Plymouth to catch my train. 

If you follow me on twitter you would have seen me shout out that I hate trains. They make me feel so stressed out with their delayed noticed boards and over crowed carriages. When I boarded my train, it was completely empty so I thought Ok I might have a nice journey today. I enjoyed the views along the West country mainline and watched the people of Dawlish enjoy time at the beach. My book that I took with me for the journey was hardly touched. 

When I made it to the station where I was meeting the boys I noticed Toms face pressed against the glass of his dads car desperately trying to get to me. I always worry if they have missed me and if they want to come home. Their dad has a bigger family and so I feel like they have more fun with him. By the hugs that I received today, they had definitely missed me. They said there goodbyes and I rushed them off to catch our train home. However, there was no train. My perfect journey had come to an end. Someone had unfortunately been hit by a train further up the line which meant the tracks had to be closed off. We waited on the platform for an hour telling our stories of the fun we had over new years. I tried to entertain them as best I could too with my bad jokes but they quickly became cold and bored. The tannoy played over and over again telling us the trains were delayed by another half an hour. It was not a fun experience but of course my thoughts go out to the person who lost their life today. 

The train finally turned up two hours later and I have never been so relieved. 

We finally returned to Plymouth as the sun disappeared. It was late so I decided to treat the boys to a Mcdonalds before heading for the bus home. This was so needed. We returned home at around 7pm. I began to panic because they boys are back to school tomorrow and we hadn't had any time for homework, baths, books etc. We managed to do everything before bed time but I am of course worried the boys will be too tired for school tomorrow. They are energetic little things so Im sure they will be fine. Me on the other hand, I will definitely need plenty of caffeine. 

Gem x


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