Thursday, 1 January 2015

My Goals For 2015

Happy New year!

It's officially 2015. I cant believe how fast 2014 flew by. It is that time of year where I reflect on the past year and think about what I want to achieve by 2016. I'm probably not alone in this but I am the type of person to make new years resolutions and break them within the first few weeks. I have decided to still set some goals and see If I can do any better this year at sticking to them. Also more importantly,  I will be turning the big 3.0 this year - scary. I haven't done everything I wanted to achieve by this age and as its in May, I more than likely wont. That doesn't stop me from finishing off my bucket list whilst I'm 30 though.

Here are all the things I want to achieve this year:


I don't really care where I go on holiday this year as long as it involves an aeroplane and a good distance away from England. The children have never been away and I really want to take them on their first trip this year. Above are my dream holidays but I am struggling to decide which one to save up for. I have dreamt for a long time to go to New York or any American State. I am obsessed with the country but have yet to visit. I blame the movies and Nickelodeon. Secondly there is Eurodisney. I had hoped to take the children last year but could never save up enough money. Now they are a bit older, they might appreciate it more and be able to ride some of the main rides. Thirdly there is Thailand. It just looks so beautiful and relaxing. It would be great to show the children a different culture too. 


Three things I really need to concentrate on in 2015 are passing my driving test, taking a photography course, and studying for a career change. All three will benefit us as a family so I really need to stop saying 'I'll start it tomorrow' and just get them done. 


This is probably the most common New Years resolution and the most commonly broken. I don't like that I now get out of breath easily when playing with the boys and when we are out having our little adventures. This is more than likely down to suffering with depression earlier on in the year which I am now recovering from slowly but food and the sofa has been my friends for too long now. Exercise is going to be the main reason for getting this depression kicked out of me for good this year. 

My Children, Family and Friends: 

This is my most important new years resolution for 2015 as it always is. I became a bit of an anti social recluse this year. I turned down nearly every offer to go out with people for a coffee or a drink. The only people I talked to were my children, dad, and sister. I was too shy and let my social anxiety get the better of me. I am determined to put a stop to this now as no one can go through life alone. I have already achieved getting out for New Years eve where there are massive crowds of people, this was a major step for me. It's my children that suffer too if I don't socialise more. They want to go round their friends houses or to have their friends come for tea but I really struggle to approach the mums in the playground. I definitely want to at least try to talk to some mums when they return to school. Also regarding family, I need to make more time for them. We don't talk very often on the phone to moan and share our daily gossip. This really needs to change.

These are my main goals for this year. I have a few little ones too like calming down on the caffeine drinks and swearing less which I will try my hardest to do.

Farewell 2014, you were ok. Not great just ok. 2015 is going to be amazing.


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