Friday, 23 January 2015

What my beautiful children have taught me.


I thought it would be fun today to create a list of things that my children have taught me since they were born. They continue to teach me something new everyday, especially when they return home from school. My boys seem to be far more intelligent and wise than I was at their age. They have woken me up to view the world in a whole new way. Children don't see the world as we do, they are innocent, honest, and pure. They see beauty in everyone and everything. Now that I am a mother, my views of the world has been changed for the better and my boys have encouraged me to grow into a more caring and unselfish person. 

What Alfie has taught me: 

Dance like no-one is watching
Don't take life too serious
Have patience
Express yourself
Show off your creativity
Forgive others
Always keep your imagination alive and dream often
Do not let others ruin your dreams
It is ok to be competitive
Tell your family you love them everyday
Be grateful for what you have
Befriend someone who you think is lonely
Be generous
Sharing is caring
It is ok to show your emotions
Sing loudly
Be honest
Never hold a grudge, Let it go. 

What Thomas has taught me:

Do not care what others think you
Don't be afraid to get dirty
Roll down hills
Jump in the biggest puddles
See the good in everyone
Try something new every day
Do not be scared
Laugh often
Always believe in your dreams
Having fun is more important than chores
Say hello to everyone
Be kind
Learn something new everyday
Always ask questions
Give out hugs often
Be helpful

Are there any lessons that your children have taught you that you didn't see in the list above? I would love to hear them. 

Gem x
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  1. Love these - having been having similar thoughts recently. Mine have each taught me different things (there are four of them) and I feel as if it is a continuous list of things.

  2. Love these. My son has taught me to slow down!! As adults we're always rushing through life but kids will stop to find a ladybird or watch an ant crawl around. It's been a great lesson! #thelist

  3. I love this! I recently wrote a post about the life lessons my baby had taught me (it's here if you wanna peak: I think our children can teach us so much.

    Your sons look like such sweet boys by the way.


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  4. This is so lovely, kids are awesome and your two lovely boys look adorable :) Great lessons!

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx


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