Monday, 19 January 2015

A visit to Clay art, Plymouth


Over the weekend we decided to do something we have been desperate to do for a long time which was to visit a great shop called Clay Art.  It is a paint your own pottery studio on Plymouth's Barbican which has a great selection of pottery to choose from. 

It was hard for the children to choose from the plates, cups, bowls, animal figures and tea pots but in the end tom chose a seahorse and Alfie a little dog.

We were given great instructions on how to paint and the products we could use to finish our pottery.  The paint bottles had numbers on the lids which match with the numbers on a chart provided to show what the colours will look like after our pottery had been glazed. This was a big help, especially for the boys. 

Alfie started off painting his Labrador a red collar with a gold tag. I tried talking to him but he had his concentration face on and you could tell he was really into his painting. 

Tom had chosen a sea horse as he is currently studying sea life at school. He picked lilac and brown  and began to paint stripes as carefully as he could. Tom is the perfectionist in the family and got a little stressed when ever he accidentally smudged the paint. 

Here are the finished products. I was expecting to spend a few hours in Clay art but the boys rushed through their painting and we were done within half an hour. They were very happy with their work though and said they really enjoyed themselves. 

Our pottery was left in the shop to be glazed and fired and will be ready for the boys to pick up in seven days. We are very excited to see what they will look like. Over all, this paint your own pottery studio was great fun and I am so glad I took the children there. It was something completely different to what we normally do and it really brought out the boys creative side. The boys birthday are coming up in the spring so I think I am going to hold their birthday parties here as they offer great group packages.




  1. Love this, I'm not far away so should really pay a visit thanks for sharing x

    1. You should it is great fun. I would recommend booking a table though. x


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