Monday, 12 January 2015

When my children were born.

Alfie was due to be born on 28th April 2007 but he was very late. After two weeks of pacing around the house, eating curries and trying all the other old wives tales, my labour was just not starting. The midwife said enough time had past and I was booked in for an induction on the evening of the 7th of May. I was so excited to finally meet him but also very sick with nerves as this was my first baby. It was an only hour after I had my medicine that the labour started. The midwives said this doesn't normally happen and so I would have probably gone into labour that night without the induction. The contractions came on strong and having only being inducted six hours ago, I was 10 centimetres dilated. There was no time for the epidural or to follow my birth plan, he was ready to come out. Suddenly there was at least 5 doctors and even more nurses in my room, Alfie was in trouble. He heart rate was slowing and they had to get him out as quick as possible. I was also struggling as I slipping in and out of consciousness so I only remember hearing the shouts of the doctors around me. Alfie was born at 6am, blue and still. The cord had wrapped around his neck and I began to panic. I couldn't see what was happening as I had lots of doctors and nurses around my bed trying to stop my heavy blood loss. But all was Ok, the doctors had saved him. Alfie began to cry and it was the most beautiful sound. He was rushed off to another room to be worked on while they sorted me out. I was not in a good way and it was a very distressing time for both me and my partner. Luckily they managed to stop the blood loss and I started to come round. I was able to sit up an hour later but it was another two hours before I could meet my new baby son. He was 6lb 5oz and the most handsome, calm little thing I had ever seen.   We were in hospital for a total of two weeks due to complications with myself but the doctors and midwives were amazing and I am so grateful for their help. On returning home we made sure to resister our new babies name. We chose Alfie after one of my favourite Films 'Alfie' but hopefully he doesn't turn out like the main character. 

Thomas was also very late but this time he came without needing an induction. I remember the day my labour started very well. I was watching Hollyoaks with an indian takeaway consisting off a mild chicken tikka curry. My eyes were bigger than my belly and I started feeling a little poorly. I headed to bed for a little nap and was awoken to horrible pains. The curry had worked! I began to cry though because my first labour was so traumatic and I convinced myself that I was about to go through the same once again. I rang the hospital and I was told to come in for a check up. When I arrived they said my labour wasn't progressed enough yet so I could go home but because of my medical history, they said I could stay if I wanted to. I chose to stay in because I had a feeling that I was going to have a quick labour. I was right. I was put in a private room and while watching a big brother eviction show I began to feel a lot of pressure. I tried to stay calm and used the show as a distraction but it all got too much and I was rushed into labour ward. My partner had only just gone home and had to be called back into again bless him. Two hours later on the 19th July 2008 Thomas was born and was a healthy 7lb 10oz. All had gone very well thankfully and we were able to go home only a few hours later.

I hope you enjoyed my very brief account of the birth of my sons. I feel very blessed to have them in my life and I wouldn't change them for the world. 

Gem x



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