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29 things I have learned in 29 years

Following up from my bucket list for my 30's  post, I wanted to write a part two on what I have learned in my 29 years of life in the lead up to my 30th birthday next month. I always think about what I have experienced, accomplished and learnt over the years and I have put 29 of them in a list below. 

1. Growing up, it may have felt like your parents were ruining your life by not allowing you to get your own way. Now I realise they were doing their best. Be grateful for what your parents did for you, their rules helped you become the person you are today and will help you to guide your own children. 

2. Invest in memories, not stuff. Avoid temptation to spend on things you do not need, it is important to save for the future. 

3. Do not be afraid of therapy. Life is hard and you are going to hit rock bottom sometimes so it is important to seek help and talk to people. 

4. Do not compare yourself to others. My story/ path in life is unique and only I can control it. Live life to it's fullest and trust that everything will work out ok.

5. Keep your heart rate up. Working out everyday, even if it's only for ten minutes, really helps to make a difference in your mood and health.

6. Avoid making sudden decisions after a bad day. Give yourself a day or two before making important changes in your life.

7. No matter how old you are, you can still achieve your dreams. Never give up on what you want in life. 

8. Clean up your messes, apologise for your wrong doings, and sort out those problems. It is important to go to bed at night with a clear mind. 

9. Let it go, you can't change your past but you can shape your future. 

10. There will always be people that don't like me and I shouldn't attempt to change their minds. Only concentrate on those that love you. 

11. I am not the only person in the world that suffers from anxiety, fear and low confidence. I am not alone so seek support, its out there. 

12. Time doesn't always heal wounds, I have to take control of healing myself. 

13. Most people are more busy thinking about themselves than obsessing over you so stop being paranoid and lose that feeling that people are judging you.

14. It's usually never, ever as big a deal as we think it is.

15. Don't ever make someone feel insignificant or inadequate. Do not bully people or hold on to people's mistakes. You are not above anyone, be kind to those you serve you, look after you, and help you. 

16. Love as much as you can, with every single relationship who have, even if you keep getting hurt. Love is the best feeling and its rare to find. Do not base new relationships on your old ones, you might ruin your chance of finding the one. 

17. Be present. Don't live in the past, live each day, savour every moment, and give it your all. 

18. Read as much as you can. Concentrate on writing that inspires you, keeps you informed and takes you into a different world. Read for pleasure but also try to read something that challenges you. 

19. If it feels wrong, it probably is. Trust your instincts. 

20. Ask questions. People around you may know something that you don't so treat them like a teacher. Also don't be afraid to ask questions on dates, at a job interview or with new friends. Make people feel like you are interested in what they have to say. 

21. Appreciate and work hard at your job. Jobs are precious and there are some many unemployed people out there who would love to take your place. 

22. Appreciate what you have. There are lots of people in the world you have no running water, no roof over there heads, no food and no family/friends. 

23. Despite all your self convincing that it wont happen to you, yes you will develop winkles, grey hair and a slow metabolism. 

24. People are not mind readers. Don't be afraid to ask for something you need. 

25. Being a parent is hard, especially as a working single mum. Mummy guilt is a real thing but you are doing a good job, your children will appreciate you. 

26. Your kids will grow up fast, let them but treasure every day with them. You will never regret the time you spend with them. You will, however, regret the time you didn't spend with them. 

27. Get on the floor with your kids. They need the interaction with you. 

28. Life doesn't stop after having children. It might temporarily put a hold on a few things, but life only gets better with children. I find myself having more motivation, passion, purpose, and drive with everything I do. Everything I do is for my boys, there's no better feeling than that. 

29. You don't know it all, there is always more to learn. Here's to the next 30 years

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  1. Fist pump for 'Do not be afraid of therapy'. I have told many friends that I've never met a person that wouldn't benefit from therapy. xx

  2. This is a fab post Gemma! I agree. I'm currently working hard at trying to be present and be me (and I'm well over 29 :-) ) xx

  3. Babes about Town23 April 2015 at 14:53

    Love this post! You are wiser at 29 than I was for sure, and I'm still learning so much even now I'm 41. So right about nos. 15 and nos. 18 and no. 28 is pretty much the underlying ethos behind my blog :-)

    Oh and 'invest in memories, not things' is such an important lesson, one I really hope to pass on to my kids. It's the experiences, not the stuff, that matter most. Thanks for sharing and happy birthday in advance. I loved turning 30 :-)

  4. When the Dust Settles23 April 2015 at 20:22

    You've learnt in 29 years things many people do not learn in 60 years, great list.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this posted. It seems as though you are going into your 30's being very wise, grounded and level headed. I love the reminder to be present as I often spend too much time reflecting on the past or looking forward to the future without really appreciating the now #brilliantblogposts K x

  6. Love this-especially if it feels wrong it probably is. My instincts have been spot on a few times. I have to agree about the ageing thing too, unfortunately I’ve aged about a decade since having Rose, I was ok with my first two but jeez it’s taken it’s toll on me this time. I have a birthday in September and you’ve inspired me to write my own one of these, except mine will be 35 things I’ve learnt....oh dear!! xx

  7. I so need to do number 2.
    Very wise words and all great advice.
    #TheList x

  8. Ahh what a lovely post Gem. I think you've learnt so much and come such a long way. I hope you have a wonderful birthday hun. xx

  9. slouchingtowardsthatcham.com25 April 2015 at 00:36

    A great post, and I find myself agreeing with each of your 29 points. For me, 2 and 27 are closely linked. Things break or fade away but memories really are forever. I want my kids to have as many experiences as possible, not just possessions. It's those memories that stick with them - a great day out, an ice cream on the beach, little stuff. And the more of those memories that we create with them that involve positive interactions with their parents, the better. So, yes, interaction is *so* important. Kids will remember lots of random bits of their childhood. Make them good memories!

  10. Love this fabulous, ispiring and life affirming post, you can change your dreams at any age, and never stop learning. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

  11. itsmostlyokay.com26 April 2015 at 10:59

    Great post Gemma. I nodded my head to most of these points but resonated with number 4 ... only now am I (sort of) able to accept me for me .. just about! xx #thelist

  12. bloggingastrid.com27 April 2015 at 02:20

    I love this list! I think many of these realizations are true, but I can't always act upon them. For example, I tend not to realize that to have a roof over my head and food in the pantry and getting ends met at the end of the month makes me privileged over a lot of people. I am disadvantaged in many ways (eg. low-income, disabled, mentally ill), but when I compare myself to people in other countries, I'm still very much privileged. #thelist

  13. you baby me mummy30 April 2015 at 16:35

    Fabulous post, what brilliant lessons for us all to remember. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x


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