Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Reading Together Link Up

Hello and welcome to week four of my link up 'Reading together'. Last week I was very happy to receive two link ups which was great to see.  Thank you so much to Rebecca from All about u for a fab selection of bedtime stories, we especially love 'The stick man'.  Also, shout out to Vicky from Single Mother Ahoy  for linking up her lovely book review of The dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie. A story about two children with dry skin and how they discover what irritates their skin the most. 

Our favourite book this week

Alfie brought this book back from his school library and we absolutely love it. It is called 'Aesop's Funky Fables' written by Vivian French and illustrated by Korky Paul. There are a collection of short stories, many we have already heard of such as The boy who cried wolf, the tortoise and the hare and the wolf and the stork. There are also some new stories which are Jackdaw and the pigeons, the fox and the crow, the traveler and the bear. I really liked how the tales in this book have animal characters placed in human roles and I think that was what drew Alfie into choosing this book. I also liked how at the end of each tale, the overall lesson, or concept is put at the bottom. This is good for the boys who are still fairly young and may not understand the overall lesson that fables tell in each of the stories. The illustrations are beautiful and detailed and help to bring the story to life. Due to its short stories, it a perfect book for the boys to read aloud to me before bedtime, especially if they are feeling a little tired.

The Linky

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Reading Together



  1. Martyn - Being Free29 January 2015 at 14:04

    What a fab linky! I'll definitely be linking up. We read loads as part of our home schooling. So this would fir nicely with us!

    Sounds like a great book too!

    1. Please do. look forward to reading your post.

  2. Nice idea for a linky. There's a reading linky over at Chantelle's blog mamamummymum so might be worth checking that out too #pocolo

    1. Yes I have seen that one. That's more for adult book reviews I think. This link up is aimed at reading with children.

  3. Such an amazing linky! I was thinking if I have something that I can link up. Sadly we dont. We read books every night but havent had any post. I will try to join once I compose a post =)

    1. Instagram photos are fine. x

  4. We don't really carry out many book reviews, otherwise I would definitely link up. I think Aesop's fables is such a great book for kids to read - it sounds out so many good life messages. Thank you for linkiing to #PoCoLo x

  5. What a lovely linky, I'm glad I found it & I'll be linking up in future - it's also prompting me to write up my book reviews!
    Aesop's Fabels was one of my favourites as a child, it's probably about the right time to introduce them to my daughter. Thnx for the prompt and the good blog read!


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