Friday, 17 April 2015

Five Fun Activities To Do With Boys

I feel blessed to have two amazing boys in my life who have become my best friends. They are loving, generous, intelligent and hilarious. Alfie and Tom get me through each day and I couldn't be more proud to call them my boys. However, they are growing up way to fast for my liking! I want to ensure they look back on their childhood, when the dreaded day comes when they leave the nest, and say "My childhood was full of amazing, happy memories". 

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I wanted to share a list of dates and bonding activities that we love to do together which I hope will provide you with a few ideas if you also have boys to entertain. 

1. An adventure day
In the morning, grab a notebook and write a plan together where to have an adventure. You can write a list of what you need to pack, where to go, draw up a map and you could even make up a fun game you could do such as bug spotting or animal tracking. Whilst at the chosen location, I think it is fun for the boys to learn a few survival skills. I tell them to gather wood for a 'pretend' camp fire and use that as a base to sit round and eat our picnics. You can also do a bit of map making/ reading too to fill up the day.

2. Geocaching
I have always thought that Geocaching was an American thing and that as I live in a small English town, there would be no boxes to find. When I downloaded the free version of the Geocaching app, I was shocked to find there was actually two green dots outside my home and a further ten to find in the surrounding streets. My boys love the thrill of a treasure hunt and they would especially love that you can trade little objects inside the containers. They get so excited and I can't wait to do this with them  at the weekend.

3. Get them to plan a menu and cook for you
My boys love cooking and want to help me with dinner every night. A fun activity to really entertain them is to set them loose with your cook book. You could get them to write down their favourite recipe,  write a shopping list of the ingredients they need, take them to the supermarket to pick them out, and with some help of course, allow them to prepare their chosen meal. You could go a little further with this by getting everyone in the family to dress up and pretend that they are attending a restaurant with the children as the chef/waiter. They will especially love collecting the bill from you at the end of the meal. 

4. Have a date at home
As a mum of boys you have to learn to love action movies and save your chick flicks for when they are asleep or at school. There is nothing more lovely though as cuddling up on the sofa with blankets  while watching a movie together, snacking on pizza and popcorn. We also enjoy playing a few playstation games together but just like most families that is only fun until someones gets upset about losing. 

5. Park date
Grab a football, a picnic, and some comfortable shoes to run around in. Get muddy with them, they will  enjoy the bonding time and enjoy seeing you being silly attempting to cross the monkey bars. Nothing beats being out in the fresh air and it's free. We have some of the best memories from our days in the local park.

What are your favourite activities to with your children?


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  1. Lovely post - I have two boys too (slightly younger than yours) and there are some great ideas here. Made me smile when I saw your son dressed as Superman as my eldest (4) LOVES dressing up as Spiderman/Superman/Hulk/any superhero! Lovely to find your blog on #TheList.

  2. I don't have boys but Elsa would love every one of these! She is such a little adventurer and she loves being outside.

  3. We love a good bug hunt in our house (although it is usually the little lady that wants to go over the boys).

  4. I want to come!! These all sound so lovely and i've had a wee pang that I want Reuben to grow a bit quicker so we can do some of them! The adventure day in particular reminds me of our Castle Hunting, it's fun doing it now, but it would be even more fun when he's a bit older and could help me plan it (lord knows I need the help!!). Thanks for linking up lovely, a really great post! #Thelist xx


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