Thursday, 22 January 2015

Week three: Reading Together

Hello and welcome to week three of my link up 'Reading together'. Last week I was very happy to receive two link ups which I was very grateful for. I really appreciated it so thank you. Shout out to Catherine from Storysnug for a fab review of Dangerous! A story about a label obsessed mole who sticks labels on everything. I can kind of relate to this character. Also, thank you to Carla from Random Thoughts of a Twenty Something for linking up her book review of Finding Freckles. 

What we read together this week:

Our favourite book we read together this week was The Elephantom by Ross Collins. It tells the story of a little girl who finds that being haunted by an elephant is not as much fun as she hoped. With parents who seem oblivious to phantom poo, she seeks a solution to her big problem with the help of her gran in the depths of Mr. spectral's shop.

The book is beautifully observed, funny and ghoulish. It is not too scary so it is suitable for timid children like my boys who don't appreciate spooky stories at bedtime. Their favourite part of the book was when the little girl visited Mr spectral's shop. There are so many different oddities on the shelves. We had fun spotting which ones we would buy. Alfie quickly noticed the Doctor who telephone box sitting on the shelf which got him all excited. Thomas found the ending extremely funny, I won't give it away. I loved the expressions on Elephantom's face. It's that look the boys give me when they know they are being a bit naughty, when they think they can get away with anything. 

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Reading Together



  1. Aw this sounds like a great book. Will look out for it when mine are a little older. Thanks for hosting the link up x

    1. It really is a lovely book, full of gorgeous pictures. Thank you for linking up. I love seeing all of your favourite bedtime reads.

  2. Lovely idea for a linky! Thanks for joining in with the #LinkyLinky x

    1. Thank you so much Vicky. Linkylinky was a great idea. Its helped to discover some great link ups.

  3. Hooray I have made it over to your great linky :) It's such a lovely idea as reading is SO important. Books are beautiful and magical and the time you spend together reading is always special. No TV's, no ipad, just you together and the wonderful story to step into. I shall link up every time Seb and I start a new book!


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